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State of 3D printing 2020: Answer our survey!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Last year, in 2019, we made the biggest report ever in the State of 3D printing history. Our goal is to make it even bigger for 2020. Today, we launch the survey for our 6th edition of this study, and we need you to help us build the biggest and most complete study of the 3D printing industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave your mark and influence the additive manufacturing world. 


Answer our survey right now!


What is the State of 3D Printing?

The State of 3D Printing is the biggest study of the 3D printing industry. Each year, Sculpteo launches a survey to ask about your use of 3D printing. The industry changes, grows, and 3D printing is used for more and more different applications. 


With this free study, we want to show the world how additive manufacturing is impacting businesses. All the information in this report will influences professionals, 3D printing services, machine manufacturers and other players in the industry.


The State of 3D Printing allows building an analysis of the use of 3D printing, industries using 3D printing, and also highlights the trends building the future of additive manufacturing. 


Last year, for the 2019 edition we had many different profiles answering our survey: 


  • 1300 participants
  • 65 countries
  • 20 industries


But in order to create this huge study, we need you to answer our survey. You will get a 10% discount on our online 3D printing service and also get a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

Why we need you to answer this survey


The more respondents we get to answer our survey, the better picture we can generate of this growing industry. Indeed, the State of 3D Printing is the biggest study of the additive manufacturing industry. By getting more respondents, coming from different industries, our study will be even more accurate. We will be able to make an in-depth analysis of the use of additive manufacturing. 


This study, we make it for you. The report will be available, for free, in just a few months! This analysis of the 3D printing industry will be a key element to help you build or improve your business strategy. With your answers, we will be able to go deeper and provide even more interesting data about the uses and evolutions of additive manufacturing. 


In order to make The State of 3D Printing as accurate, as realistic and as interesting as possible, we need you to share your expertise with us and to represent your sector. How are you use 3D printing? How does it change your business and how is your sector is impacted by this manufacturing technique? All these data are important for us. Start to shape the future of additive manufacturing with us. 


What have we learned last year? 


If this technology is firstly known as a prototyping technique, we learn with this study that 3D printing is more and more used for production over the years.

state of 3D printing

Moreover, we saw last year that our respondents were more confident about their use of additive manufacturing: they are now seeing the results and benefits of the use of this technology and are ready to invest more money and also diversify their applications of 3D printing. 


Do you want to discover more?

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