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The top 5 hobby Youtube channels we enjoy watching

Posted By Jérôme Deschamps on Mar 25, 2020 | 0 comments

3D Printing can be learned thanks to a number of media. If you want to complement your readings with more dynamic content, some very original 3D Printing channels are available on YouTube and could pique your interest. 

At Sculpteo, we have our own favorite content creators, and we would like to show you how 3D Printing can be approached from very different angles. Whether you are looking for technical or entertaining videos, we have reviewed our 5 top best YouTube channels to help you keep in touch with 3D Printing during your free time.


Thomas Sanladerer


If you had to pick one only channel on which to base all your learning of 3D Printing, Thomas Sanladerer would be a sound choice. This channel offers some of the most versatile 3D Printing content on YouTube. On the one hand, the guides and tips he offers will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of many subjects, from materials to software. Thomas’ reviews, on the other hand, will give you valuable tips for your 3D printer and material purchases.


Credit: Thomas Sanladerer, Making STRONG shelves with Typology Optimization, YouTube


CNC Kitchen 


Technical 3D Printing topics can be addressed on YouTube, and CNC Kitchen is proof that such content can be produced in an enticing way. If you wish to develop your knowledge of 3D Printing hardware as well as parameter settings, CNC kitchen covers a variety of technical subjects in a very thematic and accessible approach. 


Credit: CNC Kitchen, Threaded Inserts in 3D Prints – How strong are they?, YouTube


3D Printed Tabletop 


If you want to enjoy 3D Printing with a little touch of fantasy, 3D Printed Tabletop is definitely for you. What makes this channel unique is its specialization in tabletop miniatures and other parts used in these games. Not only can 3D Printed Tabletop help you get your favorite characters 3D printed, but it can also help you improve the quality of your FDM 3D prints thanks to the many tips, tests and setting comparisons it offers. 


Credit: 3D Printed Tabletop, What is 3D Printed Tabletop (Channel Intro & Trailer), YouTube


3D Maker Noob 


Do you like watching long-format videos? If you have an hour to fill, 3DMN offers extensive additive manufacturing videos to discover 3D Printers in detail. This channel is especially interesting for its unboxing videos, in which you can watch the full building and testing of different ranges of 3D Printers. A good share of 3D Maker Noob’s videos also includes shorter videos focusing on miscellaneous topics, such as specific part design.  


Credit: 3DMN, Satisfying Fireworks Lamp – Design Competition With MyMiniFactory and CraftUnique, YouTube




3D Printing can also give ground to very relaxing videos. Wildrosebuilds is in this regard a YouTube channel we enjoy watching for the quality of its very satisfying time-lapses. If you want to enjoy 3D Printing from a more artistic point of view, Wildrosebuilds will show you very diverse and aesthetic parts being 3D printed, and it’s very pleasant to watch. 


Credit: Wildrosebuilds, Awesome 3D Prints on the Monoprice MP10 3D Printer (octolapse timelapse), YouTube


We hope these YouTubers we introduced will help you deepen the 3D Printing topics you are interested in. In case you would still like to discover new formats for your learning of 3D Printing, have a look at our free tutorials. If these pieces of content we went over gave you some inspiration for your next 3D Printing project, you can upload your design on our 3D Printing service. 


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