The Cardboard Chair Challenge

The Cardboard Chair Challenge

Posted By on Apr 22, 2020 |

Engineering is about providing solutions to all types of issues. Previously, we challenged you to engineer things intended for outdoor experiments such as cardboard boats and balloon cars. For this one challenge, what would you think of designing something better suited for your home? 


Team up once again with your little engineer and apply your problem-solving skills to an everyday item you can use indoors: A Cardboard Chair!




Credit: James Dyson Foundation, Educational Activities for Kids: Cardboard Chair, YouTube




In this kids challenge proposed by the James Dyson Foundation, you will have to make a usable chair you can sit on using cardboard only, follow the guidelines below to get started:



Cardboard chair challenge




Once your chair is ready, post a picture of it on your social media using the hashtag  #SculpteoEngineeringKids or send it to, we will feature your best creations in a future article!

We hope this challenge will test your skills and put you and your children’s creativity on full display!

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