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Sculpteo is manufacturing custom tools to secure your workplace!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on May 6, 2020 | 0 comments

As you might have noticed, 3D printing and laser cutting have been really helpful during this pandemic. The speed and the flexibility offered by these technologies helped all frontline workers, and especially the healthcare workers, to face the lack of masks, protections, and equipment.

Now it is time to go back to work. As COVID 19 did not entirely disappear, you must guarantee a safe work environment for all your employees. Sculpteo is now offering a series of tools to help you keep your employees safe in the office. 


How can 3D printing help you create a safer workplace?

Additive manufacturing is the perfect solution to create parts faster, immediately adapted to your needs. Our professional designers worked on some simple devices to help you secure your workspace by avoiding contact with areas potentially carrying the virus such as door handles. These tools will provide the security your employees need to go back to work in the best conditions possible.


Get your parts quickly, an online 3D printing service such as Sculpteo is helping you to get your parts urgently, exactly when you need them. The tools we’ve created are simple and ready-to-use, there is no assembly process: once you get the part, you can use it in your workplace. Last but not least, these parts are made to be quickly sanitized to ensure to limit the spread of the virus.


We’re offering 10% off our Nylon PA12 (SLS) and Jet Fusion PA12 materials. PA12 is a versatile solution for many 3D printing projects and has the added benefit of being able to be sanitized. Use the discount code: BACK_2_WORK before 30/06/2020 to take advantage of this offer.


The custom tools you need to secure your workplace

We’ve decided to create different tools, with two different variations for each one of them.


  • Touch-Free Multi-Tool

This multi-tool can be used by anyone from staff to customers, it can be used to open doors or make any actions without contact. The economic version is a laser-cut made out of POM materialThe premium version of 3D printed in Nylon PA12 can be customized with your logo and printed in the color of your choice.

3D print your Touch-Free Multi-Tool right now.



  • Protective Screen Kit

These Protective Screen Kits are laser cut devices that can be quickly assembled to separate adjacent workstations. Each one of these kits comes complete with a screen and laser-cut base. The premium version is laser cut from durable Acrylic material.

You can get these kits with custom dimensions, you will get a quotation on-demand.

screen kit

How to get these products?

You can directly download the whole design and 3D print them from the website directly!

Do you need a custom product? If you need a custom made design, more adapted to your needs, it is also possible! Contact our Sculpteo Studio team or our Sales team to get a more customized solution for your workspace and ensure security for all your employees.


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