Top 10 3D printing Twitter accounts to follow

Top 10 3D printing Twitter accounts to follow

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The world of 3D printing is rapidly evolving and staying up-to-date on the latest trends is a never-ending project. In the 3D printing sphere, following the right influencers on Twitter allows you to have great and relevant insights as they develop. This is why we made here a little selection of Twitter accounts we think you should start to follow. 



Josef Prusa is a 3D printer manufacturer, more precisely, he is known for creating the famous Prusa3D printer! From industry trends, 3D printing news, and Prusa3D updates, this account is quite inspirational and interesting to follow.



If there is a 3D printing nerd to follow, it is definitely Joel Telling! He is creating educational and funny content about additive manufacturing.



Owner at 3D Integrity, Sarah Goehrke is providing great news and analysis of the additive manufacturing industry. On her account, she shares with her community her passion for writing and for 3D printing.



Thomas Sanladerer is creating complete guides and reviews about 3D printing. On Twitter, he is sharing a lot of information about his experiments, but also a lot of educational content mainly focusing on filament-based 3D printing.



Women in 3D printing is an organization highlighting and promoting women using additive manufacturing. They inspire and encourage women to use 3D printing technologies, and share important content and amazing articles on their Twitter account.



Richard is an electronic engineer and he wrote a book about additive manufacturing called 3D Printing for Dummies. He runs tests and shares it with his community on Twitter. He also creates some technical content on his blog.



Amie shares on Twitter her enthusiasm for 3D printing, software development, and LEGO. If you want to see funny and innovative projects we encourage you to follow her account!



Tuan Tranpham is a 3D printing evangelist, he shares with his community interesting insights about additive manufacturing. He is really active on his social media account and might offer you the opportunity to discover more about this technology.



If you are interested in 3D printing, you certainly know Fabbaloo, a media providing deep analysis of the additive manufacturing industry. But do you follow them on Twitter? Make sure you don’t miss one of their posts!



Last but not least, you can follow us on social media, we’ll share our best blog posts and you’ll be informed of all our new technologies and materials for all your 3D printing projects!


What 3D printing Twitter account are you following? Share the best accounts with us in the comments.


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