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Download our State of 3D Printing 2020 for free!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments

The State of 3D Printing 2020 is out! As may know, each year, Sculpteo launches its annual survey to collect information and data about how 3D printing is used all over the world. Professionals from every sector possible answered this survey. This year we are happy to present our biggest study ever made, with once again, a lot of interesting information and insights regarding how additive manufacturing is used. 


What will you find in this report? You will discover how 3D printing is being used by professionals, what are the main trends in the 3D printing industry, and the evolution of the market.


You can download our complete State of 3D Printing 2020 report for free!


The State of 3D Printing 2020: Discover our biggest study


Indeed, more than 1600 individuals answered this survey, which makes it our biggest survey in six years. The increasing number of respondents is actually allowing us to create an in-depth analysis of the additive manufacturing industry. We would like to thank all the 3D printing users who took the time to answer this survey, offering us the opportunity to create this survey with solid data.


This survey is important for us, at Sculpteo, but also for all the 3D printing industry. Indeed, this report is also important for any 3D printing companies, developing services, materials, or machines, for example. It is a new way for them to understand users’ needs. It also highlights the trends of the additive manufacturing industry and helps to see what are the main evolutions one year to another.


We hope that you will all enjoy the reading of the State of 3D Printing 2020 edition, that you will learn more about additive manufacturing and find all the information you need to improve your business strategy.


What will you find in this study?


How is 3D printing used by professionals?


The State of 3D Printing is a great overview of the additive manufacturing industry. You will learn more about 3D printing users on a professional level. Which industry making the most of this technology, what kind of companies are using additive manufacturing, and what are the roles of 3D printing users in these companies?


You will also find out how this technology is used, what are the most used technologies and materials. Additive manufacturing is shaping new business models and new strategies, this might give you some interesting insights on how to build your own strategy and how to implement 3D printing in the best way.


How is 3D printing helping you grow your business?


You’ll get a strong analysis about the speed of innovation, complex designs, prototyping, production, tooling, and mechanical parts, and you will see where 3D printing users and businesses are finding the most interesting benefits while using this game-changing technology.


How and why 3D printing users are investing in additive manufacturing?


The State of 3D Printing 2020 highlights some interesting facts about how professionals and businesses are investing in 3D printing. Indeed, they are investing more and more in this technology. Aren’t you curious to discover why? Let’s see how 3D printing is becoming a real asset for companies by changing and improving their business strategy!


What are the limitations of 3D printing?


We will also go further a see what are the limitations of this technology, what are the aspects where 3D printing needs to improve to appeal more industries are more sectors. This year, we took a look into the future of the industry and the factors affecting its growth and adoption within businesses. Where does additive manufacturing need to improve to accelerate its adoption? 


Six years of State of 3D Printing


This is the 6th edition of the State of 3D Printing. We’ve learned a lot of things about the use of additive manufacturing over the past years, but we also saw new trends emerging, and evolutions of 3D printing users’ habits. This report is also the perfect occasion to make a little review of what happened in the additive manufacturing world these past six years. 


Are you ready to discover our report and get inspired? Download your State of 3D Printing 2020 for free!


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If you have any questions about 3D printing, or about this study, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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