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Cakewalk 3D: A great kickstarter project to support!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Oct 30, 2020 | 0 comments

3D printing food has never been so simple! Discover Cakewalk 3D, an innovative project to 3D print food with your own 3D printer. Cakewalk 3D is not a simple paste extruder, it is an all-included kit allowing you to create impressive plates. This whole project is developed by Marine Core-Baillais, a french pastry chef and working in the 3D printing industry since 2011. And if you already worked with Sculpteo, this name might sound familiar to you, as Marine worked at Sculpteo for nearly 8 years!

Today we encourage you to support her project on Kickstarter!


What is Cakewalk 3D?

In this kit, you will find everything you need to impress your hosts at the dining table:  ingredients, silicone baking mat, food-safe extruder, and detailed instructions to train yourself on your first 3D prints. 

This device will allow you to convert your own desktop 3D printer into a precise food printer, enabling you to free your creativity. You will now have the opportunity to combine food with the amazing benefits of 3D printing, by creating innovative and detailed shapes, usually impossible to design with your two hands! From birthday cakes to appetizers, Cakewalk 3D will be the perfect solution to achieve unique (and delicious) patterns.

The whole process is quite simple: you mix your recipe, you pour it into Cakewalk 3D, install it on your desktop 3D printer, and launch the GCode!

Find out all information needed on the Kickstarter campaign page


Why should you support this Kickstarter campaign?

Cakewalk3d works with Creality, Anet, Anycubic, Alfawise, Prusa… and any FDM printer. Accomplishing star-rated plates is not just a dream any more thanks to this 3D printing project. And don’t worry: they provide instructions and the 3D files for free download to help you get started with your food project!

During these troubled times, supporting innovative projects such as this one is important. For each pledge, Marine prepared some really interesting rewards. It might already be the perfect timing to get yourself, or someone else, a great Christmas gift!



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