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New 3D printing resin line available at Sculpteo!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Mar 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Sculpteo is happy to present its new resin line. Four new high-performance resins for all your 3D printing needs. Thanks to their mechanical properties, these materials are offering new opportunities for your next projects

To celebrate this 3D printing material launch, we offer you a 30% discount for all orders above 50$ for these 4 resins with the code NEW_RESIN_30. You have 2 weeks to make the most of this discount, the discount will be available until March 31.

These materials are using these new technologies in our catalog: DLP and LCD technologies

Here is a presentation of our new resin materials : 


Ultracur3D® RG 35 is offering the possibility to get great translucent parts. This resin material is adapted for rigid applications and offers very high stability and stiffness, as well as good temperature stability, and low water uptake. 

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Ultracur3D® ST 45 is a great solution for translucent parts. This resin material delivers high strength, as well as long-term toughness and good impact resistance. If you are looking to manufacture high-performance functional parts with great accuracy and advanced mechanical strength, Ultracur3D® ST 45 will perfectly suit your project. 

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This black resin material offers great resistance to impact and will be particularly adapted to projects where details and accuracy are required. Ultracur3D® ST 45 B is a perfect resin material to create your most complex parts. Benefit from a good surface finishing for your aesthetic 3D printed parts.

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Ultracur3D® EPD 1006 is a resin material powered by Photocentric technology and part of the new Engineering Plastic Daylight (EPD) photopolymer product line. This resin offers the possibility to manufacture high-quality parts for demanding applications and industries, at a competitive price. The high toughness and flexibility will meet the needs of customers willing to print prototyping, engineering, and large-scale parts.


Do you want to try resin 3D printing? Feel free to upload your 3D file on our online 3D printing service, you will get your parts in a few days.


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