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Pricing update at Sculpteo

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Mar 24, 2021 | 0 comments

We have some good news, our most adaptable material is now even more affordable! We made an update on our pricing system: our Nylon PA12 for SLS is now up to 20% cheaper. 


Make the most of our most affordable material


Nylon PA12 is the most used 3D printing material for industrial 3D printing. More importantly, this Nylon PA12 is the most used material by our customers, and we want to make it even more accessible to allow you to create your best additive manufacturing projects. Depending on the geometry, your part can now be up to 20% cheaper. Our pricing takes into account a number of factors to generate a unique price for each 3D design. Discover how our prices are calculated


Why is this material so interesting for 3D printing? It is offering high precision and low cost, which is perfect both for prototyping and production. The good mechanical properties of this Nylon material will be perfect for advanced additive manufacturing projects and can even substitute injection molding plastics. Nylon PA12 is really adaptable, this material has all-around properties, and happens to be versatile for different applications.


For example, the bike part you see here is now 43,39€, the price before our pricing update was 51,42€!


image (7)



In which situations your parts will be affected by this pricing update? 


The price won’t change on small parts at, or near the minimum price. But if you are looking to manufacture bigger parts, you could notice some significant changes regarding the price of your order. 


This price update will impact:

  • Big and dense parts: for your parts bigger than 50 cm3, you will notice a significant price decrease.
  • Big/light parts: the update will also impact hollowed parts or parts with structures such as lattices. 
  • Post-processing finishes for Nylon PA12 SLS.

Upload your 3D model on our online 3D printing service right now to benefit from this new pricing and get your Nylon PA12 SLS parts  up to 20% less expensive than before.

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