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Economy pricing for PA12 MJF and new Resin materials, Discover Sculpteo’s April update

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Apr 10, 2021 | 0 comments

What happened in March at Sculpteo?


Economy mode is now available for your Multi Jet Fusion parts!

Sculpteo offers 4 production modes to suit your needs, and our economy mode, already available for PA12 SLS, is now offered for our PA12 MJF too!

What is the advantage of this production mode for your 3D printing projects? Your parts can be up to 30% less expensive. This mode is only available if the price difference is significant compared to the standard production mode. Keep in mind that the minimum order cost is 10 $/€.


Pricing update: Your parts 20% cheaper


Nylon PA12 SLS is one of the most used 3D printing materials for industrial 3D printing. With our new pricing update, your part can now be up to 20% cheaper! Our pricing takes into account a number of factors to generate a unique price for each 3D design. Discover how our prices are calculated

The price won’t change on small parts at, or near the minimum price. But if you are looking to manufacture bigger parts, you could notice some significant changes regarding the price of your order. This price update will impact big and dense parts, big/light parts, and post-processing finishes for Nylon PA12 SLS. Upload your 3D model on our online 3D printing service right now to benefit from this new pricing!


New resin line available 


These materials are using these new technologies in our catalog: DLP and LCD technologiesHere is a presentation of our new resin materials : 

Ultracur3D® RG 35 is offering the possibility to get great translucent parts with a very high stability and stiffness, as well as good temperature stability, and low water uptake. 

Ultracur3D® ST 45 delivers high strength, as well as long-term toughness and good impact resistance. 

This black resin material offers great resistance to impact and will be particularly adapted to projects where details and accuracy are required. 

Ultracur3D® EPD 1006 is a resin material powered by Photocentric technology and part of the new Engineering Plastic Daylight (EPD) photopolymer product line. This resin offers the possibility to manufacture high-quality parts for demanding applications and industries, at a competitive price. 


What’s coming next?


The big event of this month will be the launch of the State of 3D printing 2021! We will share with you all the interesting results of our study about the 3D printing world. 

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