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Sculpteo’s May update

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Apr 28, 2021 | 0 comments

Here is an update on Sculpteo’s last month. 

What happened in April at Sculpteo?



Have you downloaded your 7th edition of the State of 3D Printing report? Our annual report came out in April. 3D printing users from 86 countries and from all industries answered our survey, allowing us to build a serious international study about the use of this technology.

This 2021 edition provides interesting insights and information about the role of additive manufacturing in a business context.


How do professionals use 3D printing? How could you improve your strategy and optimize your manufacturing process? This is what you are about to discover!


  • Discover our two other reports


The launch of the State of 3D Printing offered us the opportunity to create two special reports.

Women in 3D printing: Who are the women working with 3D printing, what are their evolution and career perspectives? 

North America vs Europe vs the rest of the world: What are the different uses of additive manufacturing around the world? Do continents all have their own needs and 3D printing opportunities? Do they all see the same advantage in the use of this technology? 



A resilient supply chain is quickly responding and recovering from costly disruptions. It has the ability to face risk, thanks to a high level of flexibility and anticipation. In 2020, we’ve all learned that supply chain resilience was essential to keep your business running, and growing. Discover how 3D printing can help your business face unpredictable events!


What’s coming next? 

In May, we are going to highlight the benefits of additive manufacturing for the robotics industry. We will share with you interviews and in-depth articles about the numerous applications and advantages of this manufacturing technology for robotics projects! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all our robotics content. 

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