Sculpteo hosts an open house for clients to see and visit the new HP factory!

Sculpteo hosts an open house for clients to see and visit the new HP factory!

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To collaborate more with customers and share our entire production process and capabilities, Sculpteo and HP held an open house for 30 clients and prospective clients to visit Sculpteo’s HP factory in Villejuif. Participants saw the high-quality manufacturing processes that enable volume production to scale to high industry standards and robust quality management systems. 


Open House with HP and Sculpteo

Some companies present: Valeo, Drone Volt, Durrmann Podo Orthèse, Meca Place, MEPI, Sparkmate, Virtualisurg, Multistation.

Presenting the endless possibilities with AM and HP technology

Participants heard from our CEO Alexandre d’Orsetti about how they would benefit from our partnership with HP as part of their Digital Manufacturing Network and Digital Manufacturing Partner. Sculpteo has the largest fleet of HP Multi Jet Fusion machines in France (12 in total). Being part of this DMN certifies the quality of our 3D printed parts and services using HP’s technology, making it possible to produce high-performance parts, personalized products, and serialized 3D production. 

Case studies were presented on clients in the Medical, Luxury, Automotive, and Drone industries. These case studies showcased a variety of new applications for the design and production of parts that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. The designs of unique textures and innovative lattice packaging result from the endless possibilities and potential of additive manufacturing and HP MJF. Participants also took a deep dive into HP’s available materials at Sculpteo. 


HP’s materials available at Sculpteo: 


  • PA12: Great for its versatility, PA 12 is an excellent alternative to plastic injection molding for product development, rapid prototyping, and end-use production. Check out the WeRobotics case study and use of this material. 
  • PA11:  Based on 100% renewable biomass sources, PA11 offers high ductility and impact strength for all applications and industries. Check out Daniel Robert Orthopedics’ case study and use of this material. 
  • PP: An industrial-grade polypropylene provides a high reusability ratio, producing functional parts. Polypropylene is often used in industrial manufacturing due to its good mechanical properties. 
  • Ultrasint® TPU01: Durable, strong, and flexible, MultiJet Fusion TPU is a perfect 3D printing material choice if you need to produce parts requiring shock absorption, high elasticity, and energy return. Ideal for flexible lattices and complex parts. 

Lastly, Participants also got to see the full potential of Sculpteo’s HP factory, including technical feasibility, nesting, production, cooling, automatic unpacking, sandblasting, dyeing, chemical smoothing, to shipping. Sculpteo’s HP factory is an end-to-end solution that enables industries to viably 3D print high-quality parts for volume production. 


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