Meet Sculpteo's Project Manager: Lucie Pertuisel

Meet Sculpteo’s Project Manager: Lucie Pertuisel

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Hello, I’m Lucie Pertuisel. I’m a project manager in charge of continuous improvement in production. I have been in the company for 4 years! 


What is your job and mission at Sculpteo?

I started at Sculpteo as Deputy Production Manager, immersing myself in the production system and supporting employees in their daily production management challenges. I’ve worked as a technician in my previous experiences, I was particularly attentive to the team’s work environment. You have to step outside of operations to improve the structure; I am now a Project Manager on missions such as improving production tools (post-processing), QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) development, setting-up mass production flows, and the integration of new machines or materials. I am also working on improving Sculpteo’s offerings by tracking what other 3D printing online services offer. 


How does your team ensure the best quality print for clients?

First, the customer’s 3D file goes through an examination by the expert eye of our technicians, we call this the feasibility study. Then the parts are strategically oriented in the build tray for the best print result. They pay particular attention to ensuring that the printer is calibrated and conditioned for each new print. Our team of operators takes care of the post-processing and rejects any part that does not meet customer expectations. We work closely with the quality team, which provides the ISO 9001 policy, metrology, and requirements according to the customer’s specifications. 


What can clients expect from Sculpteo’s production? 

Thanks to our ERP developed in-house, the customer can follow the progress of his part step by step very closely. If we encounter a difficulty, they will be first informed by email, then the after-sales team will take over. This allows transparency with the customer to reassure and inform them about the production of their part and delivery. Our most important metric in production is our quality of service, we strive to meet all deadlines agreed upon with the customer.

Production Manager Lucie P


What makes working in 3D printing unique?

For me, 3D Printing was like a show, like an innovation that generated the 4th industrial revolution. Sculpteo has allowed me to become an actress in this show. This technology is still in its early stage, and I am proud to be a woman that advances this revolution. 


How do you see the 3D printing industry evolving? 

The evolution of 3D printing should not only be about productivity. I hope this technology can serve people in a wider aspect of health. I am especially thinking about the orthopedics projects we are working on. 

Who inspires you the most?

What inspires me the most is the analytical spirit of the collaborators at Sculpteo; we share in our success together.


What’s your favorite music genre?

I especially like music that makes you dance!


Any secret talents?

Even after a long day, I’m always up for an after-work!

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