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Schlather uses 3D printing to create customized medical aids

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 11, 2023 | 0 comments

Schlather’s aim is to create medical aids that are individualized and customized. This was made easier with 3D printing’s innovative technology. With 3D printing and PP material, Schlather developed a Dynamic Foot Orthosis (DFO) to correct various deformities such as a clubfoot or extremely high arches.


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Who are they?

Schlather was founded in 1955 by Reinhold Schlather and provides patients with a full range of orthoses, prostheses, insoles, medical products, orthopedic shoe technology and rehabilitation technology. Schlather GmbH specializes in the orthopedic care of children.

The integration of 3D construction has opened up completely new possibilities for the production of orthopedic aids for Schlather GmbH.


What is their challenge?

Their challenge was to produce individual aids that are personalized to each customer. The product is a Dynamic Foot Orthosis (DFO) which also had to be more comfortable aids, which was made possible by reducing the weight and thickness of the device.

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