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Sculpteo Invests In 3D Printing Automation Technology from AM-Flow

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 20, 2023 | 0 comments

Automation is taking more and more space in many industries, additive manufacturing is not an exception. At Sculpteo, we recently signed a contract with the Dutch firm called AM-Flow to invest in their automation system and are in the process of implementing the modules in our factory workflow.


Sculpteo orders AM-Flow’s advanced technology


Our CEO Alexandre d’Orsetti visited the AM-Flow development center to sign an important agreement: We are now implementing AM-Flow’s technology in our 3D printing factory! There is no doubt, adopting robotics and artificial intelligence will optimize our production workflow and improve its quality.


This system is going to be a great asset for our online 3D printing service. Indeed, this cutting-edge vision technology will identify parts, as well as labeling and bagging components for shipping. 


The AM-Flow system not only brings support in sorting parts, but also offers an opportunity to rethink and redesign our production flow. It’s not just about incorporating a machine, but also adding more quality control earlier in the steps. Ultimately, AM-Flow presents a way for us to improve not just sorting, but the entire flow.” 

– Alexandre d’Orsetti, CEO of Sculpteo

What is AM-Flow?


The sorting and packaging of 3D printed parts is a crucial step in a 3D printing process chain. The system Sculpteo invested in presents a variety of automation technologies. First, a hardware solution called AM-VISION which uses a 3D shape recognition system and machine learning in order to identify the nature of the 3D printed parts according to their geometry in almost 0,2 seconds. Once the 3D printed parts identified, they are sorted using another system called AM-SORT, and then labeling and bagging is made using AM-BAGGING.


The company AM-Flow helps companies to scale their Additive Manufacturing production by offering digital part identification technologies that allow them to automate their post-processing processes. Expertise in 3D-shape detection, industrial machine vision, and AI software allows AM-Flow to deliver blocks to automate the 3D printing process end-to-end.


Benefit from this optimized workflow right now!


At Sculpteo, we’re all very excited about this new automation technology, that will help us to provide the best service possible for our customers.


If you are looking for a 3D printing solution for your next manufacturing project, Sculpteo will be happy to support you with the development of your prototypes and/or your production process. Get your instant quote and order your parts in just a few clicks!

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