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Introducing our latest recycled plastic material – Ultrafuse® rPET!

Posted By Lella.Legrix on May 31, 2023 | 0 comments

Ultrafuse® rPET is our new recycled filament, an excellent alternative to virgin PET, produced from post-industrial recycled grade PET. PET is a popular material for everyday objects, but its wide use and lack of proper disposal have led to significant plastic waste. This is why our solution is to offer this recycled PET filament, which cuts down on 60% of CO2 emissions compared to virgin PET, with equal performance.

Here are some of its benefits :

  • PET is a versatile plastic known for its good mechanical properties. It is lightweight, impact, moisture-resistant, and suitable for food contact under the European Plastics Regulation.
  • Ultrafuse® rPET is a great choice for parts ranging from prototypes to custom assembly line pieces. It delivers excellent surface finishing for a quality, printer-ready end result.
  • With its high level of detail and versatility, rPET is ideal for creating complex designs like assembly guides, jigs, and fixtures. This material provides the perfect blend of strength and flexibility to meet your needs.

    So, are you interested in trying Ultrafuse® r-PET for your next 3D Printing project?
    Take a moment to review the material’s page for more information about this exciting new filament!
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