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Sculpteo introduces the Future of Dental Resins: Ultracur3D® DMD 1005!

Posted By Lella.Legrix on Sep 15, 2023 | 0 comments

In the ever-evolving field of dentistry, precision, versatility, and efficiency are paramount.

This is why Sculpteo is happy to introduce the Ultracur3D® DMD 1005, a groundbreaking dental resin set to help professionals perform efficiently.

This photopolymer material is a game-changer for dental professionals, offering exceptional quality and performance. Designed with precision in mind, it delivers unmatched accuracy during the 3D printing process, ensuring that dental models and molds are created with great detail and resolution.

Powered by Forward AM, Ultracur3D® DMD 1005 enables large-scale production of dental models without compromising on quality. Its unique formulation and thermoforming capabilities minimize shrinkage, resulting in highly accurate dental models.

Utilizing Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology, this material is perfect for mass production, making it ideal for the dental industry’s demands. However, it’s essential to follow specific design guidelines to ensure seamless additive manufacturing.

Whether you’re crafting accurate dental models or precision dental aligners, Ultracur3D® DMD 1005 will be the perfect material for your needs.

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