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Revolutionizing Perception: Artha France’s Breakthrough for the Visually Impaired

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 25, 2024 | 0 comments

Artha France, founded in 2018 in Paris, is transforming the lives of the visually impaired with its innovative sensory lumbar belt. This device, equipped with a mini-camera, converts visual information into tactile sensations, providing unprecedented autonomy for users.

What were their challenges?

Artha is dedicated to refining its device with a focus on:

1. Improving resolution and rendering to convey information more accurately. 

2. Optimizing the product with a more comfortable and discreet design and material

3. Easily developing different iterations, and producing quickly.

Facing challenges in design and materials, Artha collaborated with our online 3D printing service. The transition from a multi-part design to a single, flexible part improved durability and user comfort, thanks to our expertise.

Working with Sculpteo‘s online 3D printing

Artha praises Sculpteo’s 3D printing service for its speed and convenience, highlighting the valuable insights provided by Sculpteo’s engineers, crucial to the project’s success.

Discover why MJF Ultrasint® TPU 01 was the perfect fit for this challenging project, and how MJF technology improved resolution and the quality of information transmitted to users.

Artha France’s collaboration with Sculpteo showcases the potential of technology in empowering the visually impaired! Through advancements in design and 3D printing, Artha is creating a more comfortable and effective sensory lumbar belt, exemplifying the impact of interdisciplinary partnerships in fostering independence and inclusion.

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