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STL converter: Top of the best tools in 2024!


Creating your STL file is an important step in your 3D printing processSTL is the most common file format for 3D printing, as this format is readable by all 3D printers. Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service is supporting almost all 3D files possible, but one of the most used file formats is still STL. There are many reasons to need an STL. So once, you have your 3D model ready, how can you convert it into an STL file in order to get it 3D printed? 

That is what you are about to learn in this blog post. What is an STL converter? What are the best tools you can use to convert your 3D files? Let’s check it out right now. 

STl converter

Why do you need an STL converter?

As we just said, the STL file format is the most common format used in 3D printing. In order to use additive manufacturing, you might want to get your 3D model converted into an STL. Or you might need an STL file to use special software: there are many different cases where you might need to convert your 3D file to STL. 

A lot of 3D modeling programs are now offering file conversion, but not all of them, and they are not especially converting into STL. In some cases, you maybe have another 3D file format, such as OBJ, or anything else, and you might want to convert it into STL format. Don’t worry it is possible.

To help you in your 3D project, and help you find the best way possible from your 3D design to your 3D printed part,  we have decided to create a list of the best STL converter. A lot of them are free online, and easy to use! Get ready to convert 3D files using a 3D file converter.

Which tool should you choose to convert your 3D model?


This first program is an online and free platform, made to convert your 3D models into STL files. It is actually supporting a wide range of files, from STL to PLY. Easy to use, Meshconverter is not offering any other features than file conversion, but if you just want to convert your 3D file quickly, and for free, it is a good solution.

Spin 3D

Have you heard about Spin 3D? Spin 3D is a mesh converter, quite easy to use, and able to convert several mesh files at the same time. This software is pretty quick and allows you to share your files.

Spin 3D is a software, not an online solution, so you will have to download it to use it. It will be useful for your 3D printing projects, but also for game modding and animation.

CAD Exchanger

CAD Exchanger is also a software for DATA translation. OBJ, 3dm, brep, step, a lot of file formats can be translated to STL, or from STL. You can download this 3D model converter for free and then upload your files to get them converted.

Online CAD converter

Online CAD converter is exactly what you think it is when seeing its name: an online converter for your CAD files. Everything is free, and it allows you to translate SLDPRT, STEP, SKP, X_T, JT, OBJ, STL, 3DS, IPT, 3D PDF, CATIA and more. It supports CAD files, graphical formats, neutral formats.

This program offers different packages. You can convert one file for free, but then you will have to pay 1€ per file. The maximum file size is 100 KB.


Greentoken is an online platform developed by a passionate programmer interested in 3D. This open source website supports more than 3D different formats, including STL, FBX, Blender, OBJ, 3DS DXF, LWO, or PLY.

Bear File Converter

Here is another online and free converter. This Bear File Converter might be useful for you for a lot of different projects. Indeed, it is a converter able to convert audio files, images, office documents or convert videos. But it is also possible to use it to convert 3D models, and that is what is interesting for us today. This website supports a lot of different file formats, including BLEND, STL, 3DS, XML, etc. This tool is super simple to use and is quite complete.

AccuTrans 3D

AccuTrans 3D offers an accurate translation of 3D geometries. This STL converter has several benefits, for example, it keeps the information related to the rotation and position of your 3D mesh. AccuTrans 3D support more than 30 file formats, and can easily help you convert STL!

3D Transform

3D Transform is an online converter you can use for free. This STL convert is dedicated to the conversion of files for 3D printing. The platform even verifies that you have the right to use the model you want to print. Intellectual property is taken into account while using this online platform. 


Image converter, video converter, 3D file converter: SwiftConverter can convert anything for you! This platform is easy to use, and can help you to convert your file in any file format. SwiftConverter supports more than 25 file types, including 3DS, FBX, Blender or OBJ.

iD Converter

iD Converter can help you get your file in any 3D format! This converter tool is not free, you will have to pay for a lifetime license, but you can test it for free. An iD Converter license can be useful if you need to work with diverse file formats: this program supports more than 760 file formats, from CAD, to OBJ or XML.


Yobi3D is a search engine. You can use it to get your 3D models online, but it can also be used to convert your file into STL file format! The maximum size to convert the file is 40 MB.

Using a 3D software

The other solution, if you are using a 3D modeling software, is to use it to export your 3D model in the desired format. Blender, SketchUp, TopSolid, Fusion 360, etc. all these 3D modeling programs allow exporting your model quite easily, by clicking on “File” and then “Export” or “Save As”.

Is your STL file ready?

Now that your STL file is ready, why don’t you upload it on our online 3D printing service? It will allow you to choose the 3D printing technology, material and finishing you want, and get an instant quote. Then, you can order your part and receive it in a few days only!

This way, you will be able to develop your prototype or proof of concept in no time or even try a new production method for your project. What are you waiting for? Check our materials pages and get started with 3D printing using Sculpteo.

In order to get the best 3D printed result, you have to check if your STL file is not broken. Our online 3D printing service will immediately tell you if the file you uploaded is broken. It can be normal inversion, crossed volumes, holes in your mesh, bad edges… You need to repair your STL file in order to get it 3D printed. 

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