Autodesk's Dreamcatcher: Platform developed by Autodesk Research

Project Dreamcatcher is an experimental, goal-directed design (GDD) platform developed by Autodesk Research at Autodesk, Inc. 

About Project Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a cloud-based 3D design software that grants designers the ability to programmatically optimize 3D CAD designs. The process begins by prompting the user to input certain design goals ranging from functional requirements and material type to manufacturing methods and cost restrictions. From there, the system cycles through a prescribed design space to evaluate a large number of software generated designs that meet the requirements of the input data .

After a number of solutions have been generated, the Dreamcatcher design explorer presents a set of possible solutions to the user. The user is then able to browse through design options and make a selection, or refine the problem definition to iteratively generate more relevant solutions.

Optimize 3D CAD designs

For instance, in the photo above, the part was optimized for weight and material usage while still retaining the required load bearing capabilities. By specifying these requirements, Dreamcatcher would provide the user with a range of different designs that met the same functional requirements while looking vastly different! This kind of generative design is excellent for creating models that are perfect for additive manufacturing .

Still in Development

Dreamcatcher has so far been used to make just a few other functional components including a bracket for a spacecraft and a bike frame. Autodesk hopes that industries from architecture to construction will adopt the generative software when it’s finally commercialized. Right now, there is no information on what file types will be compatible or what the commercial cost will be. Regardless, it’s sure to be a cool piece of software and aid designers in creating truly awesome design concepts!

If you’re interested in learning more about design optimization, check out this awesome example from our blog! Design optimization is a great way to reduce the cost, reduce production time, and really take advantage of the benefits of 3D printing with Sculpteo. Check out our EBook “Your Guide to the 4 Areas Where 3D Printing is Unstoppable” for a few more examples of where optimization takes engineering design to the next level!

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