EOS: Company specialised in designing 3D Printers

EOS is a German company specialised in designing additive manufacturing machines. Along with Stratasys and 3DSystem, it is one of the top 3D printer manufacturers . EOS can be found in most 3D printing technologies, having developed industrial solutions encompassing stereolithography, SLS powder sintering, DLMS powder sintering, etc. 

EOS company logo
EOS company logo

History and development

EOS emerged at a time when the first additive manufacturing patents were filed and evolved to diversify its scope on different technologies and materials:

  • 1989: EOS was founded by Dr. Hans Langer and Dr. Hans Steinbichler. 
  • 1991: The STEREOS 400 system was launched, the first business stereolithography machine. 
  • 1994: The Company moves into powder sintering. 
    Launch of the first EOS selective laser sintering (SLS) system, the EOSINT P350. 
    Launch of the first EOS direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) system, the EOSINT M160
  • 1996: Development of the first polyamides suitable for powder sintering (PA1500) and glass reinforced polyamide (PA1300) 
  • 1997-2003: Development of polyamide base materials to meet various market needs. EOS developed polyamides to modify their mechanical properties, such as glass reinforced PA3200 GF, carbon reinforced CarbonMide and aluminium reinforced Alumide; to make fireproof material (PrimePart FR PA2241 FR); and to improve the appearance (titanium dioxide reinforced PA2200 ). 
    Powder sintering technology patents filed. The company specialised in an additive manufacturing process that involved sintering a bed of powder layer by layer.
  • 2006-2013: Development of plastic powder sintering systems: FORMIGAP100 (2006), EOSINT P730 (2006), EOSINT P395 (2009), FORMIGA P110 (2012) and EOSINT P396 (2013) which represent all of Sculpteo’s entire SLS machine line-up. 

EOS and Sculpteo - 3D printers

EOS’s seniority and its important place in the field of additive manufacturing makes it a major technological player. Sculpteo has chosen this company to provide plastic powder sintering machines. The two latest generations of this technology in Sculpteo’s machinery equipment are the FORMIGA P100, FORMIGA P110, EOSINT P395, EOSINT P396 and the EOSINT P730. This range of 3D printers allows us to meet a variety of customer needs depending on the size of parts, resolutions and layer thicknesses available on each machine.

P395 plastic powder sintering machine used by Sculpteo

EOS and Sculpteo - Materials

Some of the materials developed by EOS, like PA2200 and Alumide, are used by Sculpteo to respond to our customers’ different requirements and to provide them with a choice of materials suitable to their application. Visit our blog post about how to choose the right material.

PA2200 powder developed by EOS
Sculpteo robot in PA2200 powder developed by EOS