Optimize the shape of a part with the PolyNURBS tool in Inspire



The PolyNURBS tool is used to create a volume (nurbs) from the mesh obtained after calculation. The Wrap tool enables you to set up a nurb between two selected sections.



You can also select parts out of the design space to create clean junctions. Every nurb can be modified by selecting a plane or an edge, and then pulling it.

However keep in mind that Inspire generates a volume from two sections, you should therefore not select a section situated at an intersection, but right before and right after the intersection. This way you will be able to create cleaner connections.


In order to model a junction, at an intersection for example, you can keep using the Wrap tool, but it is much easier to use the Bridge tool. Just select the two planes to connect and Inspire will generate the appropriate geometry. 


If you wish to connect two parts, but the nurbs are not cut short enough, you can subdivide them wherever you want with the Loop tool.

Since this model has been calculated with a constraint of symmetry, you can create nurbs on only half of the model, and then apply a symmetry to duplicate the geometry.

However you must be careful not to overlap mater, especially while using the symmetry tool. Inspire will not accept the model if some volumes are in conflict, so be wary of Inspire’s warning messages.

With Inspire, it is possible to obtain such geometry, perfectly optimized for the given loads.