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Automatic repair of 3D models directly online

Posted By sculpteo on Apr 15, 2010 | 1 comment

Since the website launch at the end of 2009, Sculpteo has always pointed the importance of repairing the Internet users 3D models.
Until now, the repair had to be asked by mail, then the repaired model was sent back to its owner.
Today, it’s easier, always free, and the service is proposed directly online !


When you upload a model having geometric issues on the website, you are sent to a repair page :

avant repair

By clicking on the button “repair”, you activate the algorithms developed by the Sculpteo technical team, and the result is explained to you :

apres repair

To understand the meaning of borders and holes, singular points or edges, and what is a bad orientation, please take a look at our FAQ.

If the model is not completely repaired, you still have the possibility to send it by mail to us to finish the repair.

The online repair service will be improved step by step. To help us in this approach, don’t hesitate to send your comments.

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