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Four incredible days at the Japan Expo !!

Posted By sculpteo on Jul 6, 2010 | 0 comments

Sculpteo is just back from a four-day exhibition at the Japan Expo, from July 1st to July 4th, with the participation of Pixologic, the publisher of Zbrush, and on the same booth as Wacom.

We are delighted of the effects of these days, and the enthusiasm of each person we have met during the exhibition. Hundreds of fans have come to visit our stand, and have congratulated us for our efforts in making the 3D-printing technology accessible to the general public.

Also, several visitors have come out of curiosity, sometimes even because they did not know that it was possible to create real objects from files designed on any CAD software. Others were kin on 3D designing, and already connoisseurs, with whom we have had very interesting exchanges.

On that occasion and live from the stand, we have performed plenty of 3D printing demos on the Zcorp 650 printer. Thus we have been able to produce coloured objects everyday, thanks to models designed on Zbrush and Thomas and Henry’s expertise. We have printed cute figurines, in total adequation with the exhibition’s spirit, for example Dugly, Stivo‘s French Bulldog !

In any case, those days have been action-packed days and driven by very exciting meetings. And last, we address our greatest thanks to each person who visited our stand and who have much and much encouraged us !

As a gift and exclusively, we are offering a reduction coupon of 10% on your order, without any limitation of amount ; you just have to write down the PIN code japanexpo in the dedicated case.

PS : You are also warmly invited to our open days from 6 PM on July 8th . Register here.

PS2 : Thomas has made a video during the Japan expo, where you can see the 3D printing steps. Watch the video below or on our Facebook group.

PS3 : Last (things always happen in threes), Clubic also visited our stand during these days, and they have made the video below !

Video Source : Clubic
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