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A Glimpse of Carrefour des Possibles Special DIY

Posted By Sculpteo on Mar 21, 2012 | 0 comments

The French makers’ scene is more than ever active nowadays. Nora presented our Sculpteo app and service bureau yesterday in front of the 450 attendees (so full that lots of people couldn’t enter) that gathered for an evening of DIY, fablabs and upcycling projects.

New spaces are opening (La Paillasse a DIYbio Open Space), designers’ collective are making our cities more connected (Yaplusk, Urbanfab, CKAB), makers are gathering around upcycling platforms and events (Wiithaa), fablabs (FacLab) and fairtrade electronics (fairtradeelectronic.org).

Thanks to La Fing, Nod-A and NoDesign for organizing the event.

Our 3D printing service is making things happen, and we are keen about it.

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