Sculpteo raised $2.5M to developp 3D printing

Sculpteo Raises $2.5M from XAnge Private Equity and Business Angels and Accelerates its Growth

Posted By on Dec 11, 2012 |

It is now official. Sculpteo raised $2.5M from XAnge Private Equity and business angels.

Since our launching in 2009 we develop 3D printing cloud solutions that let customers and businesses manufacture products from their 3D files: 3D printing through smartphone apps, web apps, embeddable stores, customization tools.

We manufacture a wide range of products. In a single day, our facilities produce customizable iPhone cases, prototypes for the automotive industry, consumer products, …

We are focused on developing even more innovative and flawless 3D Printing Cloud solutions for customers and businesses. We are also accelerating our growth in the United States.

3D printing is the fastest and most reliable technology for manufacturing on-demand products. Sculpteo is the one offering full-integrated 3D printing solutions.

Thanks to all of you who have been following us along these passionate years, it is just the beginning!

There are many ways to enter the Sculpteo adventure. The most popular ones are the Sculpteo Facebook Page, the Sculpteo blog or our Twitter @sculpteo.


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