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Optimization Tools: Batch Control

Posted By Zach Correa on Oct 1, 2014 | 0 comments

3D modeling softwares, Sketchup for example, offer a great flexibility when it comes to designing objects, but those objects aren’t always ready for a 3D print. Sometimes you need more than one of the same object, but not so many to justify a series of a couple hundred thousand. Luckily, Sculpteo offers an online optimization tool that allows you to duplicate the same object in one batch.

Like all prints on Sculpteo the process begins by uploading a 3D file. I’ve uploaded this piggy bank as an example to show you how the batch control tool works. Feel free to follow along on your own computer.

Batch Control is particularly benefitial because it not only lowers the price per unit of your print by around half (even up to 70% in some cases), but it also gives you more printing options, like layer thickness and printer orientation.

After the file is uploaded, you are taken to the print page, where you can change the color and finishing options of your object. The print page is also where you’ll find all of our other online optimization tools.


To activate batch control head over to the left side of the page where it says ‘Unit Price:’. Under unit price you’ll see a small box indicating the number of objects in your current print. Activating batch control is done simply by changing that number to anything above 20.


After moving the number of objects above 20 you’ll note the price drop and that ‘Fine Layer Thickness’ becomes available in white plastic under the material section.

By clicking on ‘Optimize’ you’ll find the rest of the options made available next to the section entitled ‘Batch Control’. If you then click on ‘Review batch you’ll be taken to following screen, where you can see how the object will be oriented within the batch.


When orienting your object in the batch you can localize the price of the object at any angle. The online software will automatically generate the price for you to see which direction fits best with your budget and design.


For more information on the layer thicknesses in each of our materials head over to the material pages. Otherwise happy printing!

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