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CES2015 Recap – FinalProof and 3DP Candy!

Posted By Zach Correa on Jan 13, 2015 | 0 comments

At this year’s CES, Sculpteo was proud to announce our new FinalProof tool. The innovative tool allows users to graphically simulate a 3D print for free online. Read on for more on the tool and some of our favorites booths from the show.

FinalProof solves a huge issue during a 3D print – what the print is going to look like. With most other 3D printing services, you are unable to visualize what the layering affect will have on your 3D model and FinalProof answers that question with high definition renderings of the file.

For a more concrete example of what the file will look like, try it out yourself! After you upload your file, simply head over to the review section and click on ‘Receive your 3D print dossier’ – from there you should receive your 3D rendering within the hour. For more information about the product, be sure to check out this video of Clément Moreau explaining the tool, presented by TCT Magazine.





Another booth that caught our attention was that of Voxel8. Voxel8 is a 3D printing company that is incorporating electronics into their prints. They manage to accomplish that with two printer heads – on with FDM plastic and another with current conducting silver. This allows for the creation of functioning electronics straight out of the printer bed.



A second booth that sparked out interest was Scanify. Their scanner creates 3D models of a face with a simple point and click technology. All you need is a simple black dot around the object you are trying to scan and the program automatically recognizes the face and generates a 3D model within seconds. Quite an amazing technology – especially when looking to create a quick 3D model for a 3D print!



Then there was Spectrom, who created one of the first full color FDM printers. The results they are able to create are truly astounding.



Finally there was 3DSystems who had an extremely impressive booth, complete with a live band (playing 3D printed objects), a fashion line (3D printed), a 3D selfie camera, and (most impressively) 3D printed candy! I had the opportunity to try one of the 3D printed candies – the texture was fondant as the dustiness interacted with saliva. The object was also extremely fragile. It actually broke in my hand as I was walking with it – but that didn’t affect the taste!





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