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Take a look at our homemade 3D printed drone

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Dec 30, 2015 | 1 comment

CES is coming and with it its amount of amazing novelties. Every year, we have a tradition to pack with us some of them and deliver it to you on our booth in Las Vegas. While you’ll have to wait until the opening of CES for our major announcement, here is a sneak peak at something we’ve been working on as a side project. Spoiler alert: it flies ! 

As part of our CES presence, we’ve planned a lot of things. To tease you a little bit about what we’re going to present, we’re saying a bit more about one of our latest homemade creation: the Sculpteo 3D printed drone. The design of the drone was developed with as a collaboration between Sculpteo and a duo (a designer and an engineer) working together to create a impressive design capable of embarking the electronic parts. Alvize Rizzo, a designer specialized in creating product for additive manufacturing, was in charge of creating a design shaped like a UFO that fully took advantage of the SLS 3D printing. The result is a rounded and extruded oval made from a lightweight geometric structure and built with our plastic material.

3d printed drone from SLS 3D printer

Nicolas Chaslot, a engineering student from ESTACA, helped Alvize with the design by specifying the requirement needed to make the drone fly. Nicolas also helped with the assembly of the drone.

3d printed drone in white nylon SLS

The drone includes a very special feature that’s not unveiled yet…to discover it, come see us on our booth at CES.

The 3D printed drone by Sculpteo

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