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48 hour sale: 20% off your white and dyed plastic 3D prints!

Posted By Sculpteo on May 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Flash Sale! Save 20% on your white and dyed plastic 3D prints today and tomorrow. With the code MAIA we are offering a 20% discount on 3D printed white or dyed plastic in all its forms: 100µ or 60µ layer thickness, raw or polished, normal  or express production or economy plan. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Among all of our materials, plastic is definitely the most famous and the most requested. There’s a lot of good reasons to choose polyamide for your 3D prints :

  • it’s a general-purpose material with good mechanical properties
  • it’s both solid and flexible depending on a thickness of your part
  • it comes in 2 different layer thickness: 60µm or 100 µm
  • it doesn’t require to build support during the 3D printing process
  • it’s food safe
  • the parts are produced with a high level of accuracy
  • you can 3D print as big as 677 x 565 x 368 mm
  • some may not appreciate the grainy surface of laser-sintered nylon but that’s something that can be solved with polishing ou with our new patented finish: the Smoothing Beautifier
  • you can balance between turn-around time and price thanks to our different production modes (Express, standard or economy).

You can check out our dedicated Material Page to learn more about white plastic and its properties. By the way, another name for this material is nylon or polyamide and we’re 3D printing it on SLS 3D printers.

On this material page you can only discover the dying colors available:

  • black
  • blue
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • pink
  • orange
  • brown
  • beige

We produce also in solid grey plastic. It’s not a post-process but the parts are laser-sintered directly with a grey powder (The discount doesn’t cover this material).

This flash sale is available on any production mode and on any dying color and finishes of your plastic 3D prints. Whether you want raw, polished or 60 µm options make sure to order your prints by Thursday. It’s even available to test our new smoothed finish!

Enter code MAIA at checkout to save 20% on all your designs. Offer expires Friday May 27 at 9.00 am PST, so take advantage now! Start by uploading a 3D file.

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