3D printing: Top 8 CAD Software for Children

Top 8 CAD Software for Kids

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The Holidays are coming! Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have your kids design themselves the presents to their relatives? To help you create this beautiful moment of family and technology, we combined a list of the top 8 CAD software for kids. These are intuitive software that will help children from 4 to more than 13 years old to 3D design their best ideas.

With these software, combined to our tutorials and our production speed, you’ll be able to get your children’s object in a few days thanks to our 3D printing service!


Software Age In Browser Downloadable App
Solidworks App for Kids +4 x
TinkerCAD +6 x
LeoCAD +6 x
Leopoly +6 x
BlocksCAD +13  x
3D Slash +13 x
123D Design +13 x
SketchUp +13 x



Solidworks Apps for kids: “Dream It, Build It”!

Through this app, inaugurated at Solidworks World 2016, Dassault Systems wants to sensitize kids to technology and sciences. Having the kids use very simple tools in hands at a very early age is surely the best way to encourage future engineers. Very intuitive, this app is also addressed to parents and professors to help the children get into 3D modeling.

The app is available on computer, tablet and smartphone. The tools are very simple and allow basic modeling. You can have an idea here of the tools available:


With “Capture It” a kid can take pictures and videos and then import them in the app “Shape It” pour la création simplifiée de formes 3D,

With “Shape it“, a kid can easily form a shape,

With “Style It”, a kid can very easily add colors and images directly on your 3D model,

With “Mech It”, a kid can design mechanical parts,

Show It” allows visualisation and sharing of designs,

With “Print It” a kid understands very quickly the link with 3D printing and can have his/her object in hands in the end of his modeling!


3D printing for kids -Sculpteo


class picture



Tinker CAD

Tinker CAD is a CAD software for beginners, for kids, as well as for hobbyists or even designers. Entirely online, this tool is edited by Autodesk. Find here an interview by Autodesk, explaining how they conceived their software and how it is thought for kids.  

The interface is very colorful. It works with multi-shape blocks to you add or subtract one to the other. A special tool also allows you to shape holes. You can also upload STL and SVG files to create mashups.


You will find many tutorials on the website and also a gallery of models conceived by TinkerCAD, to give you an idea of what is doable!



With LeoCAD, create virtual LEGO models! It is quite fun and you children will easily get used to it if they are already playing with LEGO®. They will be able to do very simple objects, don’t try to be too complex, or it’s not the good software. Thought to be user-friendly, you can select over 6000 different pieces which can help you to create a 3D model fast.





Leopoly is an online surface 3D design software. It’s very simple to use, and it’s free! On their website, you can choose a designed object on their base, and customize them using their tools. You can also add colors, shapes and letters to your design.

It is possible to design from scratch, or upload a file you’ve made using another software. You can then export the file you’ve created it, or 3D print it directly on their platform.





BlocksCAD is a drag-and-drop CAD program and modeling tool that was designed specifically for elementary school age kids. Thanks to colorful options on the left, your kid can easily design his own object!



3D Slash: “the 3D piece of cake”

“The easiest way to create in 3D… and the most fun!”

This platform is very colorful and the icons are very easy to use.

Thanks to the circles on the left of the window, one can choose the size of the tool, from 32mm to ½. The tools are based on machining tools: hammer, trowel, chisel, and drill. This way it becomes intuitive to “build” your model. The 3D models are therefore squary.


Slash - 3D printing with sculpteo
Slash - 3D printing with Sculpteo

Their website offer 8 tutorials very easy to understand for your children.

3D Slash is a 3D creation tool integrated with Google Drive.

3D Slash now offers Expert features, discover more on their website!


123D Design

You can use this Autodesk software on Mac, PC, Ipad and even your web browser, via a special plugin.

You will find on the website video tutorials and a users forum to help you easily get to use this software.

If you check on instructables.com, you can find 123D Classroom Projects to see projects that were made on 123D Design.

The concept is intuitive: you can drag in a shape from the window in the right of your screen. You just have to choose scale afterwards. You can merge and hollow shapes.

123Ddesign - 3D printing with Sculpteo




Basics SketchUp tools are very intuitive. You draw the 2D shape and thanks to the push/pull tool, you create the 3D shape. 

You can refer to our 3D printing tutorial for SketchUp here and learn more about how to design with SketchUp!


See all our 3D printing tutorials and 3D printing materials.



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