3D Printing materials Meet Up : Carbon and Sculpteo in Paris

Come talk with Carbon of their resin for 3D printing

Posted By Capucine Lonjon on Feb 1, 2017 | 0 comments

It’s been almost a year since we add Carbon amazing materials on Sculpteo website. And we can definitively say that they became some of our favorites 3D printing materials! There is more to come this year and that’s why we organize a Carbon dedicated meetup with special guests: Dana McCallum and David Moore from Carbon! Be sure to be there on February 23rd!

David Moore is Engineering Manager at Carbon and is coming directly from their US headquarters to discuss with us about design and CLIP technology!  He will share tips and design advice to help us to take most benefits from this cutting edge technology. Dana MacCallum is Head of Production partnerships at Carbon. Both of them will present the last materials that Carbon is about to release.

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Who is Carbon?

CLIP stands for Continuous Liquid Interface Production. It is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid is solidified in layers thanks to a photochemical operation. This process invented by the American Carbon company, is an incredible revolution in 2 main things.

  • First, prints are very fast compared to other 3D printing processes, and allow very good details; the layers are almost invisible
  • second Carbon claims the very advanced mechanical properties of the parts produced thanks to the CLIP technology: you can use the parts for advanced prototypes or even final products.


Discover new Carbon materials

We have used a lot Carbon resins on Sculpteo Bike project and we can testify of their excellent mechanical properties. Come to see and touch real parts on February 23rd!


We’ll show you the different CLIP resins:

prototyping acrylate

It is available in 6 different colors: white, black, yellow, magenta, gray and cyan. It has a very neat surface and can help you conceive prototypes that closely approaches appearance of the final product;


rigid polyurethane

It is as its name suggests rigid. Quite close to polyamide, this resin is very resistant and can bear high tensile strength. It is very appropriate for final products;


elastomeric polyurethane is amazing!

You surely want to have one in the hand to examine all its possibilities. Its rubber-like texture makes it convenient for a lot of application


cyanate ester resin

It is a high-performance material with glass transition temperature up to 225°C (~437°F).


So save the date! Thursday, February 23rd, we’re waiting for you! Come with your questions and projects, we’ll be very happy to discuss them with you.


Discover a great place dedicated to digital manufacturing

Let’s have a snack at WoMa! WoMa is a coWOrking and coMAking place. Their aim is to connect ideas and materials through collaboration. This FabLab in the North-Est of Paris is 180m², near to the Canal Saint-Martin and La Villette.


We’ll share some beers and snacks and share a convivial moment!!

Don’t forget!

WHAT: a meetup to meet Carbon and their fantastic materials

WHEN: Thursday, February 23rd, from 6pm to 9pm

WHERE: Woma, 15bis Rue Léon Giraud, 75019 Paris

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