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Sculpteo and ZBrush announce a new partnership: Your designs can now be automatically 3D printed

Posted By Marianna Papageorgiou on Sep 6, 2017 | 1 comment

It is good news for millions of users of ZBrush software, designers, digital artists and 3D printing lovers, that Sculpteo and ZBrush announce a new partnership allowing them to directly export their 3D models and print them from our online 3D printing service in just one click! It is a great example of how additive manufacturing can connect industries together and how Sculpteo is getting more and more integrated in the US market!


Sculpteo and ZBrush announce a new partnership to give a better access to 3D printing

As technology advances so rapidly, it should be accessible to the largest audience possible, and for this reason it is the responsibility of the companies who have the “know-how” to try to offer an excellent customer experience to their clients. Under that perspective, both Sculpteo and ZBrush made a partnership allowing their clients to connect 3D modeling with 3D Printing in an easy and user-friendly way. It is already possible for the users of the ZBrush modeling software, to print their model just by clicking on the printing button through the ZBrush platform, without redirections or further complications.


A few words about ZBrush

ZBrush is an American digital sculpting software developed by the company Pixologic and combines 3D modeling, texturing and painting. What makes it stand out from the classical 3D modeling software is that it does not use any CAD programs to create its models. Instead it uses a “3D pixels” technology which is similar to sculpture. Each pixel, which is called “pixol”, contains information on depth, orientation, material and color value, making ZBrush one of the most user-friendly software for modeling and texturing.


The benefits of the partnership between ZBrush and Sculpteo

Many users of ZBrush will benefit from Sculpteo’s integration to ZBrush software since from now on it will be possible to print their 3D models on Sculpteo’s online 3D printing service in one click. ZBrush software has the particularity of not defining the precise size of the model while designing, and due to that technical challenge Sculpteo and Pixologic had to develop a plugin allowing the users to define the dimensions of the outcoming model. Apart from choosing the desired dimensions, the users may also select among a variety of 80 materials that Sculpteo offers, the material they would like their 3D printed part to have, its texture, its color and its consistency.

 “3D printing is taking a new step forward, as ZBrush’s millions of users no longer need to click on the Sculpteo button to receive their design printed in 3D. This manufacturing process is almost instantaneous and merges even more the frontier between digital and material”, Clément Moreau, cofounder of Sculpteo

ZBrush and Sculpteo logos


“Sculpteo naturally stood out as our ideal partner, providing an optimized user experience with powerful and simple software tools combined with high-quality manufacturing”, Jaime Labelle, COO of Pixologic


The US: A major market for 3D Printing

As the insights show, America’s market in Additive Manufacturing is more mature and Americans have a higher level of expertise than Europeans. In addition, there is a high percentage of integration of the 3D Printing technology in the companies’ programs. Thus, it is a great accomplishment for Sculpteo that 40% of the company’s income is coming from the US and that it manages to arrange partnerships with companies on an international scale.

It is Sculpteo’s commitment to excellence and to the provision of high-quality customer experience that encourages collaborations like this with ZBrush, and much more to come!

If these informations triggered your attention and you want to learn more about the specificities of the US regarding 3D printing, you can read our dedicated blogpost.


Photo Credits: ZBrush


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