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Introducing Fabpilot, our cloud-based 3D printing software

Posted By Amandine Richardot on Nov 14, 2017 | 0 comments

Today, we officially launch Fabpilot. Based on 8 years of additive manufacturing expertise, this brand new cloud-based 3D printing software helps you run your 3D printing factory or lab in a more efficient way, with all the tools you need in only one place. Discover Fabpilot and get ready for lift-off!


Why we decided to build our own 3D printing software

Since Sculpteo was founded in 2009, we developed in-house our own 3D printing software to increase efficiency and to reduce the operating costs of 3D printers. Existing solutions were too slow, required too much training, or were too expensive. And that’s still the case today.


With our own 3D printing software, every step of the production process was optimized internally to make the most of this technology, from manufacturing to quality control and delivery. We reduced lead times and lowered costs while we continuously improved the quality of our 3D printed parts.


Moreover, we strongly believe that 3D printing is a technology that can change the world. With our 3D printing service, we made it simple for people to actually use it for their projects. We’re now taking this vision to the next level by giving an easy access to the right tools that help you become an additive manufacturing expert when running a 3D printing factory.


Clément Moreau, our CEO, says: “At Sculpteo, we believe that 3D printing is radically changing the landscape of industrial manufacturing. Every day we see this technology’s benefits for our customers. To bring this technology to a wider audience, we have decided to push things further by integrating our own expertise into this software, which is now available to everyone. Technology is nothing without the right tools to use it!


The cloud-based 3D printing software that helps you run your production center

Fabpilot helps you manage your fleet of 3D printers easily. It handles every step of the process, from nesting orders to preparing the parts, and from the printing process to shipping.


Since it’s a Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service), no download is required. You can access your data anywhere, and collaboration is made easier. All the 3D printing tools that you need are centralized in one place.


Fabpilot offers step-by-step support to the 3D printing workshop operator for every stage of its work. For instance, the files are corrected automatically, the parts are hollowed out as much as possible, within the limits imposed by their mechanical constraints, and multiple orders are virtually nested simultaneously to improve production efficiency.


Sculpteo’s cloud technology adapts to most professional 3D printers. It is compatible with more than 30 different file formats and can convert them to a format that can be read by these machines.

Fabpilot 3D printing software

Why is Fabpilot the best choice for your 3D printing factory?

First of all, our 3D printing software was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It’s easy and intuitive to handle it. No training is needed. You don’t need to install or download anything. Your team learns how to deal with it quickly, and no specific training is needed.


Since it’s a Cloud-based software, you can access our platform 24/7, no matter where you are. You can check your production stats and dashboards from anywhere. Another advantage is that collaboration is made easier inside your team. Indeed, you’re always sure that you’re working on the right version of the file and you can send comments in real-time to your coworkers about the different things you’re working on.


All of the 3D printing tools you need are all in only one place, and you don’t need to purchase several software packages or additional modules to run your production center. Fabpilot is enough.


Also, our 3D printing software costs about 5 times less than its competitors, starting from 99$/month.


And because it works! Within our production centers, we have reduced the 3D printing failure rate by 50% with the use of Fabpilot.


The main features of our 3D printing software

There are numerous tools inside our 3D printing software. Here, we’re introducing some of them. To discover them all, you can check our 3D printing software features page.


Simplify the upload of your 3D files

Our 3D printing software helps you save a lot of time in the preparation of your 3D files. You can upload them easily, repair them and optimize them automatically. For instance, our software offers an automatic support generator, as well as automatic pricing and scheduling of parts which is very useful for you and your customers.


Improve the quality of your 3D printed parts

Our software contains all the tools you need to check all the aspects of your 3D files before starting the 3D printing process. You can prevent jobs from failing thanks to our verification tools such as solidity check, cutaway view and file analysis.


Boost the efficiency of your whole team

Project management becomes easy thanks to Sculpteo Fabpilot. You can collaborate with your team on a project, just by using this 3D printing software. Moreover, you can get a fast access to the file library and to the different versions of each one of them.


Nesting and packing 3D printing jobs has never been so simple

Sculpteo Fabpilot simplifies and automatizes the different steps of the nesting process. You don’t have to place the parts manually in the 3D printing batch. Nesting is automatic thanks to algorithms, in order to maximize the number of parts per 3D printer. Different orders are nested simultaneously to improve the productivity of your 3D printing factory.


Manage your production center easily

Our 3D printing software helps you to manage your workflow in a more efficient way. For instance, when you create a job, all the parts ready to be 3D printed are automatically placed in it. It takes into account the scheduling and the maximum height and volume of the printer that you defined. Your 3D printer just crashed? No problem, all the failed parts are automatically rescheduled. Our statistics dashboards make management and decision making easier for you.



To learn more about Fabpilot, discover the dedicated website:

Interested in taking a demo? Contact our sales team at [email protected]


You can also discover our ebook on the advantages of working with a Cloud-based software!

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