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Black Friday: get your 25% offer for plastic 3D printing & laser cutting!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Nov 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Next Friday is BLACK FRIDAY! For this occasion, we offer 25% off all orders above $150 (or 150€ or 150£) on plastics and laser cutting! Be careful: The $150 (or 150€ or 150£) don’t include shipping costs and the offer is only available for the standard printing mode. The discount will last from Friday morning (00:00 on Friday Paris time or 3pm on Thursday San Francisco time) to Sunday night (Midnight in San Francisco time, or 9 am on Monday in Paris time). This offer is effective on all of our plastics for 3D printing, and all of our laser cutting materials. To check all of the plastic 3D printing materials available at Sculpteo, check our material page.

We also had some novelties this year on our online 3D printing service. Here are the new technologies, materials, and finishes available on our website. Black Friday is the perfect moment to try them thanks to our great discount! The only thing you have to do is to enter the discount code below during your checkout.


Upload your design – Discount code BLACKFILE3D


What’s new at Sculpteo?

A new 3D printer: HP Multi Jet Fusion

At Sculpteo, we are always looking for new technologies, and new materials. This year we added a new machine in our factory : HP Multi Jet Fusion. This new 3D printer will allow you to get black plastic parts, the HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12, a high quality material.

This 3D printer allows to 3D print small and medium quantities. One of the major innovations of this process is that it needs less heat to fuse the material. The cooling time is faster than with the SLS technology, and the building box can be removed from the 3D printer to cool outside of the printer. Another production batch can be launched right away.

Make the most of our HP 3D printer and upload your 3D model!


Our new materials and options

We’re are constantly innovating in order to offer you the best 3D printing service and help you with your projects. Let’s take a look at our new materials and upgrades!

  • PEBA

PEBA is one of our new 3D printing materials. It is a flexible and rubber-like material, resistant to stress and fatigue. Keep in mind that we only offer PEBA with the raw material option, without finishes, for this flexible plastic material.

Flexible Plastic PEBA

  • HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12

As we were telling you, we have a new 3D printer, and this also means that we now have a new material available: HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12.

We always want to offer you what is best on the market, so we decided to change our black plastic. We are not 3D printing your parts with the Nylon PA11 anymore, our new black plastic is the HP Multi Jet Fusion PA 12. This 3D printing material has a high impact resistance and a good resistance to chemicals. It is also a perfect material to create complex models.

If you want more infos about what you can do with this material, check out our article to learn how to design with HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12.

Multi Jet Fusion PA12 in complete Q&A

  • New options for the alumide material

Alumide went through a few changes on our online 3D printing service. This material has now new maximum sizes, a faster shipping, and the dyed option is cheaper, but always as colorful. Now you don’t have any excuse left for not trying to 3D print with this material, so give it a try!

brain_alumide_polished and colored640x320px


Sculpteo offers brand new finishes: Color Touch and Color Resist!

You can now access to two new finishing options through our website thanks to the DyeMansion technology.  This is only available for the HP Multi Jet Fusion PA12, our black plastic, and the Nylon PA12, our white plastic. These two finishes will give your model a great UV-resistance, and with a great longevity. This is perfect for parts exposed to external condition.

You can choose between two finishes:

  • The Color touch finish

The Color touch finish will give a satin look to your 3D printed parts. There is no addition of material and the part will be even more resistant. Your 3D prints will look like high-quality end products thanks to this finish.

Color touch

  • The Color resist finish

The Color resist finish will give a matte look to your 3D printed parts. There is no addition of material and the part will be even more resistant. Your 3D prints will look like high quality end product thanks to this finish.

color resist

What can you create thanks to 3D printing?

Black Friday will help you create an amazing project by reducing the costs. It is the occasion to try 3D printing. You may have no idea of how useful and helpful 3D printing can be. You are wondering what you could create thanks to 3D printing? The answer is: almost everything. Here are some examples:

A 3D printed drone

3D printing can help you create any project, and drones are one of them! We recently published a blogpost about our favorite 3D printed drone projects. It is the proof that you can create a high quality project, exclusively with 3D printing, or just with some 3D printed parts. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you could be able to create your own drone project.  

A 3D printed bike

Last year, we created a bike using 3D printing and laser cutting. This experiment shows the accuracy of our technologies, and the amount of possibilities that 3D printing can offer. 3D printing the parts of a bike is quite a challenge, but it is possible.

3D print all of your ideas

Actually, you can 3D print everything you want. It can be for a professional or personal purpose, but advantages of 3D printing are numerous as everything is 3D printable. You can do some rapid prototyping, but you can also produce end-use parts. And Black Friday is the best moment to try 3D printing!

To use all these new features and all the old ones, use the discount code BLACKFILE3D during your checkout, for 25% off every order above $150 (or 150€ or 150£)!


Start to 3D print now! And if you need a little help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

And if you want to be aware of all the news about 3D printing, don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.


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