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The State of 3D Printing 2018: Answer our survey!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 17, 2018 | 0 comments

Each year at Sculpteo, we are making a study in order to analyse how the 3D printing community is using additive manufacturing. To do so, we need you to answer our survey. You have until the end of february to send us your answers. Be part of it, every participation counts! It is a good way to know what you are looking for and how companies are using these new 3D printing technologies. We want to know more about you, and about what you want when it comes to 3D printing.

Answer our survey now!


The State of 3D Printing

What is it?

This survey is made by Sculpteo, to know you better. We are doing this State of 3D Printing report since 2015. This is a survey addressed to anyone using 3D printing. You might be a professional using additive manufacturing inside of your business, or a hobbyist, and at Sculpteo we want to know how you use digital manufacturing.

Indeed, uses of additive manufacturing are evolving quite fast, and we have to keep ourselves up to date in order to offer you the best 3D printing service ever. Your expectations and uses of this technology are changing year over year, and we are always learning a lot from your comments. You help us to get a better understanding of the market and to create a serious study about the state of additive manufacturing. Moreover, this is allowing us to get more precise data and pourcentages about the 3D printing world in general. It is also a great way to see how the market is reacting to the new technologies.

We will publish the results of this survey afterwards. You will be able to see how the world of additive manufacturing is growing and how promising the future of 3D printing looks like.

This survey is always a great success, so we are doing it once again this year. And obviously, for this, we need you!


Why does your participation count for us?

We are interested in what you think. At Sculpteo, we know that it is more than important to have the point of view of all the 3D printing users. With all of your answers, we are able to see the new trends of the additive manufacturing world, and how the use of this technology is evolving. What are the best 3D printing materials? What are the industries that are using additive manufacturing? Why it is a good thing for many companies? How did it change your product development process?

Everyone is invited to answer to the State of 3D Printing 2018, whatever your job. Last year, the respondents were CEOs (28%), engineers (23%), freelancers (13%), designers (11%), but also people working in marketing and human resources.

We also have gifts for our respondents! If you answer our survey, you will get a 10% discount on your next order on our online 3D printing service.  And if you leave your email address at the end of the survey, you will participate to our drawing lots in order to win a 100$ Amazon gift card.



Key learnings from the previous years

Last year, more than 1.000 participants from 62 countries answered our survey. Thanks to our numerous respondents, we were able to get valuable data to analyse the new trends.

What are the sectors actually making the most of this technology? Last year, we saw that 17% of our respondents came from the Consumer Goods industry, 17% from Industrial Goods, 13% from High Tech and 9% from Services.

Here is an insight of what we learned in the previous edition of this survey:

  • The 3D printing technology is not only used for prototyping, it is more and more used for production
  • 3D printing is becoming a great business partner for many companies and it is now playing a more important role in their strategy
  • 72% expected their spendings in additive manufacturing to increase for 2017
  • 49% of our respondents increased their expenses in 3D printing
  • 47% saw a greater return on investment than last year

This last survey clearly showed that there was a democratization of additive manufacturing in 2017, more companies were using it seriously and a lot of them were planning to hire for their 3D printing activities.


The previous editions

Feel free to take a closer look at the results of our previous surveys:


Now, we are waiting for your participation for our new State of 3D Printing edition. The 2018 edition of our survey is officially launched, be part of it!

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