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CES 2019: The innovations of 3D printing

Posted By Kat Plewa on Jan 23, 2019 | 0 comments

CES, Consumer Electronics Show, is one of the biggest Tech shows in the world and for over 50 years, presents spectacular innovations; many of which are years ahead of our times. In recent years, 3D printing has caught the attention of CES and has been presenting the latest developments in the industry at the show. What are the most groundbreaking projects? Let’s find out!


Desktop high-speed 3D printing for SLA by Nexa3D

NXE400 3D printer is the latest invention from Nexa3D and made a debut in North America at the CES show. Avi Reichental, co-founder and the executive chairman of the company, proudly comments that ‘’this is the printer that end-users, strategic partners, resellers and investors alike have been waiting for years’’. What makes this 3D printer so special?


It’s the size that matters. Nexa3D produced a printer that uses a large SLA format system which is capable of 2.5 larger building volume than their competitors, according to Nexa3D

nexa3d-blue-front-copy_web-1024x924 (1)

The Nexa3D NXE400. Image via Nexa3D


Avi Reichental adds ‘’we are thrilled to introduce to the North American market at CES this groundbreaking technology that has broken the speed, size and cost barriers that have constrained our industry’s growth for decades”.



Polaroid enters the 3D printing market

Everyone knows the iconic Polaroid cameras. But who would have expected the company to introduce a 3D printer at the CES show? Polaroid came with PlaySmart- a light, compact desktop 3D printer. It’s an FDM printer with a printing volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm, has WiFi control, filament scale features and a webcam so you can check on your prints. Do you think this 3D printer will become the next classic after the camera?





Lots of news from the XYZprinting

XYZprinting has been a guest at the CES show for years and always brings new innovations to the table. This time they presented their newest Da Vinci Color Mini FDM 3D printer. What makes it stand out? It’s the 3DColor Jet technology which allows for the creation of full-color prints. The printer mixes magenta, cyan, and yellow inks which are absorbed by a special PLA filament. The printer offers 130 x 130 x 130 mm printing volume.


The CEO of XYZPrinting, Simon Shen, describes “By providing an affordable and compact full-color printer, we are very pleased to be bringing color 3D printing technology within reach for small businesses, schools, designers, makers, and general consumers. We will continue to provide innovative, high-quality 3D printers while making it affordable for everyone to utilize this technology and incorporate it into their daily lives”.


XYZ also introduces at CES new filaments. Desktop users can now enjoy Metallic PLA and Carbon Fiber PLA for greater performance. Even more intriguing is antibacterial PLA which supposedly stops bacteria growth by at least 99%. Last, but not least, XYZ improved their steel nozzle which is compatible with the Da Vinci Jr. Pro series and the Da Vinci mini series of their 3D printers.





Formlabs and their new material arrivals

Staying on the materials topic, Formlabs launched at CES 2019 two new SLA resins. The first product is Elastic Resin, recommended as the softest resin they’ve created so far.


At the CES 2019 show Formlabs commented on their new resin material:  “Developing soft stereolithography (SLA) resins can be challenging. Parts must be highly elastic, yet strong enough not to tear during printing- two properties that are typically diametrically opposed”. This new resin could become a convenient material for producing small to moderate batches of flexible parts and prototypes to speed up product development.


Another development introduced at CES were Digital Dentures materials which are a cost-effective solution for 3D denture manufacturing. It includes Denture Teeth Resin and Dental Base Resin. With those materials, dental facilities will be able to produce highly customized dentures much faster and at a better cost.




Additive Manufacturing in the shoe industry

We’ve already talked quite a bit about 3D printed shoes and 3D modeling software to design your own, custom-made shoes. 3D printing is not just for hobbyists, it is a real option for mass production too. At the CES show, one of the most well-known companies in the field, Dr. Scholl’s, has announced a partnership with a 3D insole manufacturer Wiivv. How will it work?


It is actually very simple. The idea is that you take pictures of your feet and a smartphone app will create a 3D model of your feet. Based on that, an insole, made to measure and fitting perfectly will be 3D printed. And all of that without even leaving your own house- that’s the magic of 3D printing.


Dr. Scholl’s U.S. Marketing Director, Claudia F. Metcalf explained: “Dr. Scholl‘s understands the importance of customization for a growing number of consumers. This new offering enables us to make inserts to the exact specifications of our customers‘ feet, with just the right support in just the right places. Using Wiivv Fit Technology, we are bringing a custom 3D experience to the reliable, comfortable inserts Dr. Scholl’s is known for. This is a breakthrough in premium personalization with the ability to shop from home.”





How about chocolate 3D printing?

We’ve talked about food 3D printing before, and it has not been forgotten. At the CES 2019, we also came across chocolate 3D printer and 3D pen by JER. The 3D printer has a screen to control all the features, like temperature and speed, it has already installed shapes and let you upload your own pictures! Sweet deal, isn’t it? JER’s printer is not only capable of 3D printing with chocolate but also can be used with cheese, jam, and other food.





The innovations presented at CES 2019 are amazing but you don’t even have to own a 3D printer to start using 3D printing for your production. Additive Manufacturing can be done with just one upload of your 3D model to our online 3D printing service. And if you need help, at Sculpteo we also have a Design Studio and range of 3D printing experts who will answer all your questions.


Which project of CES 2019 did you like the most? Let us know in the comments and on Facebook! Also, don’t forget to sign up to our free Newsletter to stay tuned for the latest 3D printing News.

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