5 myths about additive manufacturing

5 myths about additive manufacturing

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As an online 3D printing service, we answer every day to the questions of our customers and we notice that some new customers have some misconceptions about additive manufacturing. If you are new to 3D printing, you might still have some false ideas about this additive manufacturing technique. In this blog post, we are going to explain why they are false and why you should consider using this technology for your next projects. 


Maybe you’re looking for a new manufacturing technique and you are maybe considering 3D printing, but you are not sure that it is the best solution for you and your business. We know it, 3D printing process keeps on evolving and progressing, to offer you new opportunities: let’s see how. 


1 – Is 3D printing that expensive?


One of the first things we can see every day with our customers, it’s their misconception about the real price of 3D printing. Additive manufacturing is more and more developed and used in different sectors. It is now becoming an affordable technology. But a lot of companies still think that this manufacturing solution is more expensive than traditional manufacturing techniques such as plastic injection molding.  


Moreover, the price of your 3D printed parts will vary according to several factors. Yes, a 3D printing project can be expensive. But the price of your manufacturing process using 3D printing can depend on:


  • The volume of your part, and more precisely, the volume your part takes into the 3D printer, and the amount of material that will be used.


  • Your material and finishes choices. For example, our raw Multi Jet Fusion PA12 is the cheapest option available on our online 3D printing service, a perfect solution to develop your prototypes, but the same 3D design printed using metal will be way more expensive.


  • The orientation of your part in the 3D printer. Indeed, when you order more than 20 identical parts, our Batch control option is unlocked and you can directly book some volume in our machines for your parts. It decreases the cost per unit of your parts, as it mainly depends on the height.


Using 3D printing can help you save money. Using this process is a way to save time and accelerate your product development: you can create prototypes easily, and make as many iterations as you need. You just need to modify your object using a 3D modeling software and print your 3D design as many times as you want. 


2 – It is used to print fake products


There is also this idea that 3D printing is mainly used to 3D print fake versions of an existing objects, with a lower quality. And guess what, it is totally wrong. 


The idea of a low-quality FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printer, making 3D printed objects with big visible layers is quite persistent. But in reality, this technology is more and more used by companies for production purposes for one reason: It allows to create super precise and complex shapes, with very good quality. 3D printing end products is now common, in all kinds of sectors. Additive manufacturing is a real and reliable technique to develop, prototype and produce your parts! 


3 – 3D printing can’t be used for professional uses


For a lot of people, additive manufacturing is still used by hobbyists to print gadgets, such as phone cases or figurines. Yes, some 3D printers can be used to print these objects. But industrial 3D printing goes much further, and a lot of industries are now making the most of these super-powerful 3D printers: proof of concept, prototype, production, or even tooling and marketing, 3D printing can be used for several aspects of your business. 


We saw in the latest edition of our State of 3D Printing report that companies are using additive manufacturing for more and more different uses inside their business. 


4 – Additive manufacturing is not for everybody


The use of 3D printing is actually growing in a lot of different sectors. Medical uses of this technology are constantly evolving: from medical tools to prosthesis and implant, medical 3D printing is helping to save the time of surgeons and the life of patients. 


For architects, additive manufacturing is now a big advantage to get mock-ups and better visualizations of their projects. The automotive sector is also making the most of it. First, 3D printing allows to test new design ideas and develop new vehicles. It is also helping to manufacture spare parts, which is becoming a real solution for people with cars that are no longer produced: that is what are doing some car manufacturers, like Jaguar and this classic XKSS model. 


The Eyewear or footwear sectors are also starting to implement 3D printing in their manufacturing process. Indeed, mass-customization is one of the biggest advantages of additive manufacturing. 


All sectors can use additive manufacturing. This manufacturing technology can help you go through new challenges and face new problematics. 


Additive manufacturing can be a little bit impressive for beginners, but you can easily implement it with all the tips of our 3D printing experts. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information, if you need help to identify your 3D printing opportunities


5 – 3D printing doesn’t offer enough options



There are acutally a lot of options available while using 3D printing. There is a great variety of materials: from flexible plastic to heat resistant metal. More and more 3D printing technologies and materials are now available for companies to develop their projects. 


You will certainly find the characteristics you require between plastic, resin or metal 3D printing. Finishings are also available for most of the 3D printing materials. You can choose among various colors and finishing options depending on the material you decided to use for your project. 


Now that we deconstructed together these ideas about additive manufacturing, what are you waiting for to try our online 3D printing service, and get your project 3D printed? Feel free to upload your 3D design, check the different options we offer and get your instant quote. After your order, you will receive your 3D printed object in a few days.


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