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How to face 3D printing challenges?

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Jan 15, 2020 | 0 comments

There are still some myths about 3D printing, and you might still have some misconceptions about additive manufacturing and its advantages for your business. Starting to use 3D printing seems like a big thing and a lot of changes for a company. Today we are going to see what are the main 3D printing challenges to widespread 3D printing adoption. What are the solutions and how could you go through these 3D printing challenges? 

3D printing equipment is expensive


In our State of 3D Printing 2019, nearly 60% of the respondents to the study say a lack of budget is a barrier to expanding the use of 3D printing. Money is always a big concern, both for small and bigger companies. But how much does it really cost to 3D print? The use of additive manufacturing is more and more common. This use is now more democratized than ever, which also has a big impact on 3D printing prices. The technology has never been so affordable.


This technology used to be quite expensive, but it is evolving and improving, and now more and more used for its accuracy, efficiency, but also because it is a cost-effective method. There are actually several possibilities for you. If investing in an industrial 3D printer is really expensive, there are still other options! You could also choose to invest in a desktop 3D printer as these machines are cheaper. But it will depend on your use of 3D printing. What level of detail do you need? Do you want to produce batches? Do you want to use a resistant material?


Choosing a 3D printing service can be an interesting solution to face 3D printing challenges. You will access all the advantages of industrial 3D printers in a few clicks, and get the possibility to choose among a wide range of 3D printing materials and technologies.


If additive manufacturing can be expensive, we also noticed in our last study that a large majority of the respondents are using 3D printing for several years, and are still planning to invest more in this technology in the upcoming years. As you will see, 3D printing is currently helping them to develop and significantly improve their whole manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing speeds your prototyping process, your production and offers new opportunities to your business. This technology will help you shape a whole new business strategy and enable innovation.


3D printing knowledge 


We can also notice a certain knowledge gap in 3D printing. If implementing additive manufacturing into your company comes with great advantages, 3D printers are complex machines. Operating a 3D printer can be a difficult process and it is quite difficult to find employees with a background to operate this kind of machine.


Indeed, making the choice of owning your 3D printers can really be expensive: professional machines are expensive, and you will also have to invest time and money in training people. 3D printing technicians and designers are still on-demand in this industry.


Still based on our State of 3D Printing study, 60% of the respondents actually working in the 3D printing industry didn’t specifically learn about this 3D technology during their formal education. This is actually a concern in this industry, as training and education are among the main problems for growing the industry. 


To learn more about the job market in 3D printing, download our job market 2019 report. Once again, using an online 3D printing can be a reliable solution as 3D printing experts are taking care of the whole process for you. 


What about the intellectual property while 3D printing?


The intellectual property seems to be a complex subject in additive manufacturing. Indeed, 3D designs found on the internet can be 3D printed by anyone. Respect for intellectual property rights is crucial for 3D printing growth.


This is why it is particularly important that all consumers must be forewarned to make them aware of the risks undertaken when printing an object of unknown origin. In fact, a third party may have originally created the reproduced object and would not have consented to their creation being freely printed (and therefore copied).


If you want more information about the intellectual property while 3D printing or get a better understanding of this big subject, don’t hesitate to download our free ebook about intellectual property in the 3D printing industry


Let’s go through 3D printing challenges!


Additive manufacturing offers cost-effective customization, will help you optimize your supply-chain and speed your whole manufacturing process. What are you waiting for? At Sculpteo, we are convinced that all businesses can improve their strategy using additive manufacturing. Our sales team will help you find the best solutions for your business and will help you identify 3D printing opportunities. Don’t waste your chance to be part of the innovation!


Are you facing other 3D printing challenges? If you have any questions or if you are facing any kind of 3D printing challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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