The baker's dozen pencil holder design challenge

The baker’s dozen pencil holder design challenge

Posted By on Apr 29, 2020 |

Previously we proposed you to 3D design a knife block. And actually, we believe that challenging you to make objects meant to hold other things is a good idea. Why? Because it’s hard of course! So for this challenge, let’s get rid of all the knives and 3D design a pen holder! We know that technically, bowls and cups can serve as pen holders. Yours will have to be more ambitious than that, and as the title suggests, it will have to be designed so to hold exactly 13 HB pencils!

Here is an example we found to help you get some inspiration:




Pen holder

Credit: Pen Holder, Damn301,




Are you ready? Good luck with this challenge!

When you are done with your 3D design, don’t hesitate to share it with us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #Sculpteo3DCreators or by email to

We will share the winner’s design on our Social Media!
Credit for main image: Hyperboloid pen holder, stuffperson,

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