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Sculpteo December Update: What’s coming next?

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Nov 25, 2020 | 0 comments

The Holiday Season is here, and the Sculpteo team has some surprises for you in December.

What is happening in December at Sculpteo?


  • Webinar: How is additive manufacturing a real asset for the drone industry? 

Join us on December 3rd at 3:00 PM CET for a webinar about the advantages of 3D printing for the drone industry. Aurélien Authier from Hexadrone, and Alexandre D’Orsetti, Director of Sculpteo Studio, will be here to present concrete examples of how 3D printing can be beneficial for adaptability, mass-customization, and the manufacturing of specific parts for drones. 



  • Overview
  • How can AM support the design/development iteration process?
  • What is possible with mass-customization?
  • For which parts of drone manufacturing is AM especially adapted? 
  • Q&A

Register here!



  •  Webinar with Allizé Plasturgie: Find a new way to conceive your project with 3D printing using high-performance materials

We invite you to join this French webinar on December 1st at 11:00 AM CET about the creation of parts with high-performance 3D printing materials. This webinar will be animated by Alexandre D’Orsetti, Director of Sculpteo Studio, who will explore the different opportunities offered by additive manufacturing: from design to the choice of material, to develop the most demanding projects. 

Join us for an inspiring talk about the endless possibilities of design for additive manufacturing and high-performance materials. 



  • Introduction to additive manufacturing
  • What is DfAM (Design for additive manufacturing)
  • From prototypes to production 
  • Focus on high-performance materials (PA6, TPU, PP, PA11): technical properties, applications, finishings.

Find all information and register on Allizé Plasturgie’s website.



  • Our Christmas gift: A promo code for your next projects

Sculpteo wishes you a happy holiday season with 10% off your next order. The code GIFT_10%_DEC will be valid on all orders until 31/12/2020.



  • Focus on the automotive industry

In December, we will focus on the use of additive manufacturing for automotive projects. Why is 3D printing so interesting for car manufacturers? What can be achieved today? What are the potential next steps for 3D printed cars? Get ready for the ride, we will share with you innovative projects, guides, and interviews!


What happened this month?

Focus on drone manufacturing


How to innovate while manufacturing drones and how to create adapted devices? Here is a complete guide with our best tips to manufacture drones



Discover the story of Nicolas Chaslot an engineer developing drones using additive manufacturing.



What are the challenges of drone manufacturing? How could additive manufacturing and advanced materials become a real solution for the development of drone projects? 



With the development of high-performance materials for 3D printing, it is now possible to use carbon-fiber reinforced material for your additive manufacturing projects. Benefit from the mechanical properties of our Ultrasint PA11 CF to develop your drone project!

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