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State of 3D Printing 2022: Answer our survey!

Posted By Lucie Gaget on Apr 28, 2022 | 0 comments

With more than 1900 respondents, Sculpteo’s State of 3D Printing has been a great success in 2021. Indeed, over the years, our study has been noticed by several actors in the 3D printing industry. And for its 8th edition this year, we want to offer you an even more complete study. Don’t miss the opportunity to leave your mark and influence the additive manufacturing world.


Answer our survey here and get a 10% discount on our online 3D printing service.

What is the State of 3D Printing?


The State of 3D Printing is the biggest study of the 3D printing industry. Each year, Sculpteo launches a survey to know more about your use of 3D printing and create this study.

With this free study, we want to show the world how additive manufacturing is impacting businesses and offer you a valuable tool to develop your business strategy. All the information in this report will influence professionals, 3D printing services, machine manufacturers and other players in the industry. Sculpteo collects data on several topics related to additive manufacturing to illustrate the trends and evolutions of the industry.

In the State of 3D Printing, you will find information about users, the technologies and materials used, the different types of use of 3D and many other interesting elements. In addition, this study also allows us to learn more about the strategies of companies using 3D printing, their expectations and also their challenges. 

For our previous edition in 2021, many different profiles responded to our survey:  

  • 1900 respondents
  • 86 countries
  • 10 types of industries

In order to build the study with interesting data, we need you to answer the survey! And good news, each respondent will get a 10% discount on our online 3D printing service.


Why do we need you to complete this survey?


The goal is to have as much data as possible from all 3D printing users and businesses using 3D printing to create a complete and accurate analysis. 3D printing is an industry in perpetual development, so it is necessary to follow its evolution to reap all the benefits.  Thus, thanks to the different data obtained, we will be able to measure the degree of use of 3D printing and highlight the cause-and-effect relationships that exist between the different variables. 

This survey is for all 3D printing users, regardless of their level of expertise or their degree of adoption of this technology.

Sculpteo is making this study for you. The report will be available, for free, in just a few months! This analysis of the 3D printing industry will be a key element to help you build or improve your business strategy! In order to make The State of 3D Printing as accurate and valuable as possible, we need you to share your expertise with us and to represent your sector. How do you use 3D printing? How does this change your business and how is your industry impacted by this manufacturing technique? Start shaping the future of additive manufacturing with us. 

Answer our survey here!

What did we learn last year?

In 2021, the 3D industry has been marked by the following characteristics. For example:

  • 88.5% of users are 3D printing for their prototyping process
  • 72% think the most interesting material property is strength
  • 69.9%, 3D printing makes it possible to create parts with complex geometries.

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