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Daniel Robert Orthopedics uses 3D printing to create unique eco-responsible orthopedic devices.

Posted By Stephany Vaussanvin on May 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Daniel Robert Orthopedic, a leader in technical orthopedics, partners with Sculpteo, a leader in 3D printing and digital fabrication, to launch the first fully customizable orthosis made from a bio-sourced and recyclable material, PA11, made from castor oil.

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Who are they?

Founded in Switzerland, Daniel Robert Orthopédie offers comprehensive services in technical orthopedics, orthotics, prostheses, rehabilitation positioning, and special shoes. The company has professionals specializing in ortho-prosthesis and podo-orthopedics.

The company is expanding to offer more 3D solutions for orthotics and prosthetics through OrthoVoxel®. Daniel Robert, an orthosis and prosthetist practitioner in Switzerland, is also launching this new service to provide global 3D printing solutions to his peers who wish to become more involved in O&P 3D printing.

Their challenge met with 3D Printing? 

Daniel Robert Orthopedic turned to 3D printing to create light, breathable and customizable orthosis that could be produced quickly and cost-effectively. 3D printing offers complex design opportunities that allow for the creation of unique devices that cover a variety of pathologies for patients of all ages. 

According to Daniel Robert, ortho prosthesis and director, “Sculpteo has become an important partner in the development of 3D printing. The technologies offered by Sculpteo help us choose the right processes for the different applications. Chemical treatments for finishes are a big plus. The platform is very responsive and allows us to order quickly.


This is the first time orthopedic products are made with the renewable material, Polyamide 11 (PA11). PA11 is flexible, “more breathable” for a patient’s body, and offers ideal mechanical properties for this use. By partnering with Sculpteo, the company has access to PA 11 and other high-quality materials, a responsive platform for quick and competitive printing in large quantities.


According to Clément Moreau, CEO, and co-founder of Sculpteo, “We launched 3D printing in PA 11 to enable our partners to develop 100% tailor-made products in record time and at an advantageous cost while maintaining the ecological approach that is close to our hearts. Together, we offer orthoses & prostheses able to evolve according to the needs of their users, which will revolutionize the lives of millions of people.”

Together we’ll succeed.  

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