Retail industry and 3D printing

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3d printing retail

3D printing and new structures within the retail industry

Thanks to the wide choice of materials that we offer such as plastic, resin or our multicolor material, it is possible for you to 3D print your most ambitious projects in not much time and to change it according to your will. In a sector like retail, submit all new ideas mixing traditional materials and 3D printing will help you to significantly stand out from your competitors. For instance, using additive manufacturing when you’re a fashion designer becomes more and more common in order to create 3D printing clothing that will shake up retail.

Customization in the retail industry

With 3D printing, you can unleash your imagination to create your favorite object, and get products designed to perfectly match your customer’s expectations. Indeed, some retailers offer you to fully customize your product from A to Z in order to have a unique item to your image. When you use the 3D printing technology, your imagination is the only limit.

Many retailers will help you to customize your product by integrating various 3D printed details. Once the object is created you can 3D print it easily through our online 3D printing service.

3d printing retail
3d printing retail

Retailers and 3D printing

Many companies in the retail industry have turned to 3D printing to participate in the growth of this sector. These companies can integrate 3D printing into their business model and supply chain in different forms. Indeed, 3D printing and digital manufacturing truly transform retailers.

For instance, businesses can improve customer experience thanks to an improved retail space. Their business strategy may also be to develop their own 3D printer inventory. They can create a specific catalog with 3D printable pieces.

Best retail projects with 3D printing

lowe retail 3d printing

Lowe’s partners with Sculpteo to offer in store 3D printing

la poste retail 3d printing

3D Print locally with La Poste and Sculpteo!

skoda fabia retail 3d printing

SKODA France 3D prints little Fabias!

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