Laser Cutting with Slicer for Fusion 360: Export your file for Laser Cutting


1. Laser Cutting with Slicer for Fusion 360:Slice your 3D model

Once you are done with slicing and you are sure about the final shape of your sliced 3D model, you can export the 2D plans. To do that, select the “Get Plans” option from the menu on the left side of your screen.


Once you select this option, you get all the sheets and parts that consist your sliced model. 

Now you can select in which format you want to save the plans. 

Select the option “Export to My Computer” and download the zip files.


The available formats are: EPS, PDF or DXF. These formats are supported Laser Cutting file formats.

Mind though, that you cannot use these files for 3D printing as they are not compatible formats for 3D printing.

Now your 3D model is ready! You can upload the saved file for laser cutting on our online laser cutting service