Creating a 3D model

In this chapter, we will go over most of the tools and create a face. Don’t let it frighten you, as SculptGL is really user- friendly and easy to use. Give it a go, and discover how simple 3D modeling can be with the right software.


We will start with basic shapes. To create them, all you need to do it go to Scene > Add sphere/ cube/ cylinder/ torus. After your objects are created you can also delete and copy them in the Scene bar.


Now we will move on to the side/ toolbar. In the Sculpting & Painting bar, the first option is to choose the Tool you want to use. Unfold it and you will find all the tool available. To move, rotate and scale your objects you will use the Transform (E) tool.



The first option of the tool is called Brush. It allows you to sculpt the object. You can either subtract (picture 1) or add volume (picture 2) to the shape. To add, you simply click with your mouse or pen on the drawing tablet (your cursor will turn red). To subtract you need to select option ‘’Negative’’ in the toolbar.


Picture 1


sculptgl_tutorial_22.jpgPicture 2 

Inflate tool also adds volume to your 3D model but in a more round, bubbly, shape. It also adds more volume than Brush, however that of course also depends on the intensity.


Another very useful is Smooth. Inflate can quickly help you out with extending some shape, but it can also create pretty sharp edges. To make the sculpture more sleek and natural, we use the smooth tool.


Similar to Smooth tool is Flatten, but instead of smoothing out the sharp angles, it flattens out the surface. It can be very handy if have an outward structure, rather than inward, where Smooth will be more suitable.


This tool allows you to pick a part of the object (within the radius) and drag is in different directions. The drag tool will allow you to easily extrude different parts of your sculpture, without the need to constantly add more volume with Brush or Inflate tool.


Despite that we had not much previous experience in 3D modeling of a face, the results are of something resembling one, only thanks to those simple tools. There are also other tools to explore such as paint, allowing to create colorful models. As well as other sculpting tools such as Twist or Pinch, which will be helpful with more complex 3D models.