SculptGL Tutorial: How to use this 3D web application for your 3D printing projects


1. User Interface of SculptGL

In the first part of the tutorial, we will introduce you to the User Interface of SculptGL, which is very simple to use. We will go over all the options and by the end of this chapter, you should have a good understanding of the 3D web application.

SculptGL’s interface is very user-friendly. It presents all the options in a very clear and understandable way. On the top, you will find commonly known file options and settings. On your right tools will appear once you add an object.

While using SculptGL your cursor will change into an orange point with a circle around it. Orange point allows for you to adjust the view, but the color will change, a red point signifies editing the 3D model. The size of the circle [explained in radius (-X)] indicates what area will be affected by the tool you’re using. Let’s have a closer look at all the options.


In the top bar we find all the necessary settings. 

Files/ Import/ Export option, which we will talk about in depth in the last chapter of the tutorial


Scene: allows to clear the scene, to create basic shapes and to copy/ delete selected objects


History: undo/ redo


Background: very useful option if you need a reference picture


Camera: viewing options


Tablet pressure: tablet settings


Language: change the language of the 3D web application, if you prefer


Extra UI: allows for high level of customization of the User Interface’s colors


About & Help: opens new Help window in your browser


The sidebar on your right plays a role of a toolbar. You will find here all the necessary options such as Rendering, Topology, Sculpting & Painting. otherwise you can’t edit it.

Rendering: allows you to choose shadowing and Matcap options


Topology: allows editing the vertices and faces of your 3D model


Sculpting & Painting: you will find here all the tools needed for sculpting. With most of the tools, you can change the radius and intensity and if you would like to draw symmetrically