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Redecorate your room with 3D Printing and win a trip to New York

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Dec 19, 2013 | 0 comments

Want to redecorate your student room? Already tried your favorite movie posters, photos of your buddies and souvenirs from your latest trips but there’s still a little something missing?

We’re launching a new contest on Studyka platform to help you do just that.

Your mission? You and your team need to create a 3D printable file to turn into reality. The winning team will leave for New York to exhibit their object, printed in 3D, at the 3D Printshow, New York.

You need to design a useful and/or decorative object for your student room! The object needs to be small (10x10x10cm), fun and fit in easily in the context of a student bedroom. It could be an object for the bedside table, desk, anything! The main goal is to use 3D printing to turn this idea into reality that can’t be found elsewhere. Whether you’re a hardcore designer or just a creative soul, this challenge is for you!

Team must be made up of 1 or 2 students. We encourage you to combine varied profiles: engineers, finance, law, media…

Multidisciplinary teams will have an advantage! We’ve found that mixed teams often come up with the best ideas and innovations.

Warning:  For your team to qualify, we strongly suggest you have at least one member with 3D modeling skills. Without them, producing a 3D printable file will be difficult.


For this challenge, we’re asking you to submit a 3D file of your creation. The accepted formats are .STL or .OBJ. To get tips and guidelines on creating 3D printable files, don’t hesitate to check out this blog post or our FAQ. If you have any doubts on your file’s printability, upload it to Sculpteo’s site, our online tools will tell you if it’s printable.


1st place

Want to discover New York? Each member of the winning team will win a trip to New York to exhibit their creation at Sculpteo’s stand at the 3D Printshow between the 13th and 15th February 2014. Participating in the Sculpteo Challenge is an opportunity to show off your creativity, but also a chance to show off your object at the 3D Printshow New York! You’ll be able to mingle with professionals in 3D printing and design from all around the world. A unique opportunity to get noticed.

2nd and 3rd Places

You’ve always dreamed of creating your own solid object from 3D? The second and third places team will have their creation printed in 3D by Sculpteo.

Good luck Everyone. If you’re facing any issue with the design of your file, don’t hesitate to bother Arthur here. 😉

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