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Sculpteo’s Online Laser Cutting Service is On!

Posted By Hannah Bensoussan on Sep 8, 2016 | 0 comments

The Factory of the Future is here today: on our platform, you can now combine 3D Printing with Laser cutting, directly online: order in 3 clicks, receive your parts in 3 days, anywhere in the world. We push the limits of digital manufacturing, for your projects.

If you read on, you’ll find a code to get 15% discount on your next laser cutting order!


Why we believe creating the online laser cutting service is essential

When we asked our 3D Printing clients, 40% of them stated that they used laser cutting as well as 3D Printing in their project, often combining the two technologies. Some of you regularly asked us to make Laser Cutting as intuitive, simple and fast as we make 3D printing. So we did. We believe that we are making the Factory of the Future a reality today, accessible from every connected device.


What is the factory of the future?

The factory of the future combines various direct manufacturing techniques online. It allows you to go directly from a design to an object, and produce any object you wish, with the materials and techniques that fit your needs. Today, at Sculpteo, this means 3D Printing and Laser Cutting on one unique interface. But we plan to expand to a larger range of technologies: stay tuned!



What we bring to the vast world of Laser Cutting

An intuitive interface:

We’re not reinventing the Laser Cutting technology, but we are reinventing the experience of Laser Cutting, thanks to the tools we developed on our interface: once you’ve uploaded your 2D vector file in one of our many supported formats (among which .svg, .ai,.pdf, .dxf), our platform:

  • Understands automatically your color scheme, making it easy to get started;
  • Allows you to confirm or tweak our settings until everything is right;
  • Lets you choose easily which material, color and thickness you want;
  • Previews you what your design will look like in the chosen material option;
  • Helps you check and edit the scale;
  • Instantly gives you and updates the quote according to the edits you make.

Read more on our “How to upload a 2D file” page.

Configuration Laser cut



Our choice of materials:

We offer 4 main materials: cardboard, plywood, MDF and acrylic. They each come in various types, thicknesses and colors. For example:

  • Cardboard comes in 3 types: corrugated, grey or cellulose, and 5 thicknesses
  • MDF comes in 7 colors and 4 thicknesses
  • Plywood comes in two types: Okumé or Poplar, and 2 thicknesses
  • Acrylic comes in 17 colors and opacities, and 4 thicknesses

This amounts to a total of 60+ material options, so you’ll find the ones that fit your needs.

Laser Cutting Materials


Perfect finish, small price, and fast delivery:

We chose to use 100 Watts CO2 laser cutters. Their high precision guarantees best quality. You only pay for the amount of material you use. We ship everywhere in the world, and we produce in 1 to 5 days.  

Check our Price and Delivery page for more information.



How did our beta laser cutting offer go, and how we improved our service

We launched our laser cutting online service in a beta version in July, and listened to the feedback of our pioneer users. Thanks to them, our engineers improved the platform further, fixed scale issues, made the interface smoother and more intuitive.

We learnt about the laser cutting technique, and managed to reduce our lead time to 1 to 3 days in Europe, and 1 to 5 days in the US. This beta period also enabled us to improve our learning center, so you can prepare your projects better.

Read more about what pioneer users said about the beta service.


Try out our laser cutting service today, get a 15% discount!

Whether you have a specific project in mind or you’re simply curious, we hope you’ll try out our laser cutting service, or contact us to share your project. To welcome you into our new service, we offer you a 15% discount, if you order before September 15th, at midnight PST. Just enter the code DISCOVERLASER at checkout.


We are very excited to hear about what you’ll do with this technology, and how you’ll combine 3D printing and laser cutting. For example, we combined 3D printing and laser cutting to create our new drone:


3D Printed and Laser Cut drone


If you want to learn more, we’ve prepared a large range of laser cutting content for you:


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