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The 10 Best Books to start with 3D printing

Posted By Eole Recrosio on Jun 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Learning 3D printing can be difficult and time consuming but nowadays, many resources are available online to teach you the basics and best practices to start using 3D printing for your projects. In this article, we gathered the best books to help you go deeper into 3D printing.


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3D Printing For Dummies

3D Printing for Dummies

The famous series of books “for dummies” released a guide to learn about the best known software, printers and tools to start with 3D printing. It also gives you basic information about 3D printing technologies and processes, along with the best practices to succeed in your 3D prints.


Author: Kalani Kirk Hausman & Richard Horne








Make: Getting Started With 3D Printing

Make: getting started with 3D printing

The second book of our list has been published by Make, and is a complete starting guide on 3D printing. The book covers various beginners subjects such as the technologies, processes and practices to obtain 3D printed objects. The troubleshooting section is particularly detailed and will give a very useful advantage to the beginners.


To go further with the same editor, you can check the book Make: 3D Printing.


Author: Liza Wallach Kloski & Nick Kloski

ESBN: 1680450204




Functional Design for 3D Printing

Functional Design for 3D printing

On our quest to gather the best resources for learning 3D printing, this book is probably one of the most valuable. Functional Design for 3D Printing is a practical guide that help you obtain better prints and reduce failures with designing tips and practical drawings. The book focuses on everyday objects but the practices can be extended to professional uses.


Author: Clifford T Smyth

ESBN: 1511572027





Printing Things: Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing

Printing things

In this beautiful portfolio, discover the many faces of the 3D printed objects. The author establishes a complete picture of the 3D printing landscape from the simplest mechanism to most complex industrial applications. It is a great book for designers who desire to improve their additive manufacturing knowledge.


Author: Dries Verbruggen


ESBN: 3899555163








Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing

Fabricated 3D printing book

This book is a very good introduction to 3D printing that tries to answer the question: how will 3D printing technologies change my life? Through stories, research and insights, discover how an outstanding technology can affect your work and many industries.


Author: Hod Lipson & Melba Kurman

ESBN: 1118350634







Mastering 3D Printing

Mastering 3D printing book

Mastering 3D printing is an in-depth guide for people who know about 3D printing and want to improve their skills. Written by an engineer, this book gives you all the keys to 3D print for your business and go beyond simple model printing. Enter the era of prototyping, educational products and production.


Author: Joan Horvath

ESBN: 1484200268





3D Printing Business: How to Start a Successful 3D Printing Business

How to start a successful 3D printing business

In this book, you’ll learn all the valuable knowledge to start a successful 3D printing business. Basics of the 3D printing technologies, how to use it to grow your business and useful resources to secure your business.


Author: ClydeBank Business

ESBN: 1511830875







3D print book Makers

This book is one of the favorite book of our CEO Clement Moreau. This novel from a famous internet blogger tells the story of a group of makers who wants to survive in a near-future world. It is a deep and beautiful novel about business, economy and entrepreneurship.


Author: Cory Doctorow

ESBN: 0765312794





L’impression 3D

French 3D printing book

Our list couldn’t have been complete without a French book. L’impression 3D by Mathilde Berchon (a former Sculpteo’s employee) is a reference guide for the 3D printing process. It covers the technologies, materials, processes and applications as well as the industrial revolution.



Author: Mathilde Berchon

ESBN: 2212139462





3D-Druck für alle: Der Do-it-yourself-Guide

Finally, discover this German 3D printing guide to expand your knowledge of the technologies and material. It focuses on the DIY movement but all the tips can be applied to the global additive manufacturing market.



Author: Florian Horsch

ESBN: 3446436987






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